My farewell to this blog and to Ra (Part 3 Cincinnati abandoned and homeless)

This was one of THE most difficult times in my life.

A Backpackers Journey to Enlightenment

It seemed like I drove non-stop back to Atlanta. I was tired of driving and I was anxious to get back to Atlanta and be closer to my family. I hadn’t spoken to anyone close to me in a few weeks by now. The closer we got to Atlanta, the worse Ra got. With what I now consider to had been his paranoia. As we were on the highway there was a truck that had been on the same stretch of highway with us for quite a while…which didn’t alarm me because Atlanta was the closest City so it would make sense that most of the cars would be headed in the same direction. To Ra this was not the case. He was convinced that this truck had been following us and were trying to write a contract on him when he gets to Atlanta. I just listened and nodded…

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