Understanding your personal karma…

Karma is really simple. Understanding your karma is simple but course correcting your karma is a bit difficult, not to understand but to implement. I had someone tell me I needed a “tool” to use for helping/teaching people what I’m talking about. Even now I don’t understand why. I just look at things in a peculiar, somewhat scientific, that allows me to analyze energy. Why do I need  to access a persona akashic records or use tarot astrology etc etc? All of those tools are useful but I get a lot from a person just by asking questions about their life. It’s like we jump right into the spiritual stuff before examining the straight forward stuff first.

To me Karma is straight forward.

Our lives are a culmination of karmic consequences. So to understand karma, we must look no further than our lives. Every single thing in your life the result of karma. The circumstances surrounding your birth more so reflects the karma you created prior to this life. As a child you’re not fully vested with free will, therefore you’re essentially unable to create karma. There is really no need for deep past life exploration unless you’re just curious. If you want to get to the point, look at your life in the NOW. What type of parents did you have? What was your upbringing like. Etc. These energies were in alignment with you at birth, they speak to the energy of what you continued to carry into this life. People get really hung up on the details of why. Why did I incarnate into a family that experienced financial hardship… Let me do a past life regression to see which life this originated and how I created this etc. I don’t go into all the details I am only concerned with two things:

What is the energy?

How is the energy being upheld?

If something is showing up in your life presently, you are continuing to uphold the karma in some way shape or form. This is why I think past life exploration can be counterproductive because a lot of those lives hold no value now. If it’s not benefiting or hurting you, why concern yourself with it?

Using the financial hardship example:

What is the energy: Hardship

Clearly this is a karmic pattern that has followed you into this life being that you were born with it. So when trying to find it’s origin, it would exist in a past life (if you chose to look for it).

How are you upholding it:

This would be unique according to the person. Perhaps your current job equates to hardship for you, by continuing to go to that job you are upholding the energy of hardship. It’s like a karmic agreement. The universe sees you as continuing to engage with the energy so therefore you attract more of it.

Now that you know what the karma is, you can shift the karma to an energy of your choosing.

Shifting karmic patterns:

Rather than going to your job that equates to hardship, try and find a new job that brings you joy and fulfillment. OR if you are unable to leave that job, start doing small things within your job that brings about joy and fulfillment.

It seems easy but a lot of us have been engaged in “negative” karmic patterns for so long it would be particularly difficult to shift. It’s like losing weight, you’ve engaged in “negative” karma for so long that this energy has materialized (weight) so now, getting the weight off (shifting that pattern) is also going to take time. There will need to be a dietary change + workout plan. You have to deal with your own inner resistance (cravings) etc. The knowing is the easy part, it’s the doing that gets us every time.

Karma is easy, don’t let anyone sell you into believing you need some full out program to understand it or change yours.

Always with love, even the ass whoopings…still love nonetheless…



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