My farewell to this blog and to Ra (Part 2 El Paso)

A Backpackers Journey to Enlightenment

If you all subscribe to Ra’s YouTube then you know a bit about what he ascribes to…as one of his loyal “followers” I thought I knew what his philosophy/foundation entailed. In short it was an interesting mixture of a few things:
Moorish Science
Sovereign movement
Government conspiracies

He sort of compiles all these ideas together into one major conspiracy against him and doesn’t differentiate anything.

For you to understand my experience with him you have to understand him from what I observed. He was a very secretive person and to ask him a question was like committing suicide. How do you begin to understand a person who’s mental thought process seems illogical yet they spazz on you for asking questions. It was a catch 22 situation. If I asked questions I would be looked at like I was an “agent” or working against him…how do you tell an…

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