My farewell to this blog and to Ra (the back story)

A Backpackers Journey to Enlightenment


So, as you can see, my relationship to Ra started from my being a client…all the way back in 2012. My first reading was a natal chart consultation and it was interesting because he accidentally put in the wrong birth time for me so we had to do the consultation again. So I sort of felt like it was fate that drew us back together. Our conversation was like we had always known each other, a certain kindred energy to it.

I was friends with him on facebook and over the next couple years we grew closer. I think what the defining moment or period was when I took his lightworker course. We had weekly meetings so we talked more frequently. Classes ended with a “maybe I should hit you up some time to see how your doing…” and things blossomed from there.

As we got closer, the weirdness started…

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3 thoughts on “My farewell to this blog and to Ra (the back story)

    • moonlitcompass says:

      Thanks so much for the support! The reblog is from another blog I started with my ex. I felt like I needed to wrap up what happened with him for the people who were following us/him. It’s sort of like my own personal closure/healing. My Practical Spirituality blog will continue though. I truly appreciate your concern its really humbling to see that people actually read my posts. Thank you again. Blessings to you and yours!

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