Are you manifesting temporary vibrations?

I am doing a new series on manifesting. I will be speaking primarily on money and its relationship to spirituality. These are my two favorite loves and I’m always talking about these subjects so I figured it’s time I start blogging about them.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw/heard someone trying to manifest some quick money, I’d be rich. When I say trying to manifest this looks like:

  • Praying for money.
  • Doing a money ritual.

There are even some spiritual entrepreneurs who sell money rituals. When I first began my spiritual journey I was BEYOND broke…also unemployed and living at home with my parents. But with all my new found manifesting knowledge I figured I’d just magically attract the money I needed. And so I started doing everything I could to manifest money from the resources I had available to me. I did a money ritual where I burned a dollar, which thinking about that now was silly because if I needed money why would I be destroying it lol…anyway I also created vision boards and did mantras surrounding wealth and abundance.


…I crack myself up sometimes.

So anyway, this was around the time I graduated from college. Next thing I know I started getting money unexpectedly. Unbeknownst to me, the word about me graduating had spread throughout my family and celebratory cards and money was flowing left and right! I thought to myself YES! This spiritual stuff actually works! Soon after the excitement wore off or I had gotten all the money I was going to get from family and friends…I was still broke, still unemployed and still living at home with my parents. All the money I had was used on more useless spiritual stuff.

Two things I realized (years after) about manifesting from that experience. First: You don’t manifest money. Money is not created by you. It is exchanged by people, so the way we obtain money is through people for the exchange of value. How many times have you said ooh I want $10 and POOF a $10 bill appeared out of thin air? Never, right? So no, you don’t magically create money therefore you can’t necessarily manifest money but you CAN manifest the opportunity to obtain money. This is important because if you’re trying to manifest money and you have no opportunity/avenue through which money can come then money is not going to show up. I was broke and unemployed but I had just graduated. People view that as something major…or more importantly people view it as VALUE. Other than just sitting at home doing nothing is not going to open up the manifestation doors..and it didn’t once all the congrats were done.

Secondly we have to be extremely careful with our manifesting intentions. I don’t remember specifically what my manifesting intentions were but it had to have been something very vague. Maybe something like “I want to manifest $500.” The problem I see with intentions like these or “Lord just let me get these bills paid” is that they are very short/concise manifesting goals. These goals mask the real underlying issue as to why you’re trying to manifest money in the first place and that is the vibration of lack. If you’re trying to manifest because you’re short on funds you need to pay x item…you are trying to manifest from a place of lack. And lack begets lack. In order to manifest the things we want we must be in vibrational alignment with them. So you may very well shake up your vibration enough to get that bill paid BUT it is a temporary vibration because your intentions are temporary. After you manifest that little bit of money, you’re going to go right back to the same circumstances you were in before you started manifesting.

With my situation described above, yeah I got some money but my circumstances didn’t really change. I was still very much in lack. It’s really cool and exciting to think oh I can manifest $$ but it can really be counterproductive if you’re not conscious of what you’re asking for. We really have to stop with the “quick fix,” un-grounded spiritual solutions. If you’re in situation where you’re really struggling financially, chances are you’ve been engaged in lack for quite a long time. It took time to create the problem, its going to take quite a bit off effort and getting uncomfortable to change the outcome of what you’ve created.

…And for goodness sake, if you’re broke, the LAST thing you need to be doing is wasting money on spiritual services that serve no practical use.

Be better than me okay? Thank you.



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