Your relationship partner is NOT your mirror.

So by now you’ve probably heard the phrase “your relationship partner is your mirror.” My issue with that is major because I’ve witnessed people go deep into trying to figure out why they’ve attracted this mirror and what it is reflecting within them.

Don’t get me wrong, YES there is a vibrational likeness between yourself and your partner (otherwise you wouldn’t have attracted each other) however, they are not you and you are not them.

Imagine the worst relationship you’ve ever been in. I mean the absolute worst total jackass you’ve been with. According to this “mirror partner” concept, this must mean that you yourself must also be a jackass or that this person parallels some childhood scarring from another jackass and you are now subconsciously attracting jackasses. So then us spiritual folk go off on this spiritual quest to find this jackass energy that we seem to keep attracting. I mean REALLY digging deep to find what the root cause is. “How am I a jackass in my daily life…perhaps I am a jackass to my parents or my children…etc.” (I’m being silly to prove a point) And as if that isn’t enough, then said person begins to process why they’ve attracted this jackass and usually they think it’s centered behind some “lesson” we think we needed to learn. I’ve seen people dig so much to the point to where they actually start looking for things that aren’t there and really beat themselves up about it to eradicate whatever it is. Oh and don’t even get me started on the past life stuff.

I think this is all extremely disempowering. With all this spiritual oneness there has also been this blurring of karmic boundaries also. “Everything is my reflection so this person must be me.” We exist in a very dense, very separate third dimensional existence. These concepts of oneness are high level spiritual realm type stuff.  We came here to experience the illusion of separateness. Therefore, we came here to experience individuality. To say that someone else is you or something someone else does is because of you negates them and yourself as the creators of your own experiences. Anything anyone else does of because of THEM. HOWEVER, you ARE responsible for the energy you attract into your life.

Using the above example again…you may have attracted a person who is a jackass but overall, what energy showed up for you from that relationship? Perhaps the overall energy was irritation. So there must be a vibrational match to irritation in something you are doing in your daily life. Maybe going to the job you hate everyday “energetically” is irritating. THAT is your mirror. Not the person. Everything you do is generating karma and we tend to ignore or forget the monotonous things we do. Karma is not always LOUD or OBVIOUS.

We’ve really gone overboard with all this spiritual stuff and made it more complicated than it needs to be. You are the creator of your experience and if you’re attracting something less than desirable, you’re doing that energy somewhere in your life. Chances are, in a way you’d least expect.

Oh, and no one is here to teach you a lesson. Okay. Please hear me on that.




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