I’ve been away for too long…

I’ve been away for quite awhile. Too long in fact. Hopefully I can stay committed to my blog because I desire to share some of the deepest parts of myself here. This is my outlet, this is my space to let it all out and if in the process I can help someone else sort out their shit…that just makes it all worth it.

My life has taken so many twists and turns that sometimes I wonder if this is even real. The foundation for my life has changed so many times and I can honestly say yes, I have been on a journey to finding myself…as cliche as that sounds. This past year… well, the past 365 days I have faced some euphoric highs and some devastating lows. Some of my wildest dreams have come true and some things I thought would never happen to me, happened. I’m going to fill you all in really soon.

To all of you who have followed my blog this far I truly thank you. You must be special to be able to keep up with the way my mind works as it is expressed through my writing. I’m not the best writer, my grammar sucks but what I write is real. I think that should account for something.

See you all again soon…


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