Psychic Relationship Readings: Why I’m not getting them anymore.  

So, I’ve been feeling a bit unsettled in my relationship so I thought I’d seek solace in a spiritual reading on the matter. I decided to really put some thought into it and see what this reading means for me and if it would truly be helpful. 
There is always the issue of whether a reader is accurate or not. Unless you can tangibly confirm what they’re saying then there’s no way of truly being able to tell of they’re right or wrong. You just have to go on faith.


Your mind is going to shape the nature of your reading to your intention. Often we get readings because we’re uncertain or specifically with a relationship issue, we’re trying to prove our correctness. Your mind/ego is going to filter the information in a way that is safe and non threatening to you…Regardless of it’s level of correctness. 
What we put in is what we get out. If we are getting a reading because we are curious or insecure, the only thing we can create in our reality is MORE curiosity and insecurity. A reading may provide a temporary fix but sooner than later, something else is going to show up in your reality matching that vibration. 


Don’t take anything personally (via The Four Agreements). Everything someone does is because of themselves, not you. But, our ego has an insatiable nature to make everything about us. It needs to constantly definite it’s boundary, it’s role is to self regulate. In relationships especially, it’s challenging. A lot of us have been through a great deal of trauma and have built up several insecurities. Say for example your insecurities are right, you find out your partner is cheating. As a person in love yes, it hurts…the ego. That part of us that is attached. The part of us that needs to be the victim. But when we truly embrace the concept that what another person does is not because of us, it save us a ton of heartache and pain. We are always at choice over our experience and that includes pain. 

Self Mastery:

When you master yourself you also master everything around you. As we becomes conscious of the frequencies we are creating, nothing in your reality should be of a surprise. If I’m really living in alignment with peace then worrying about what my partner is doing shouldn’t even be a thought. Disharmony CANT show up in my reality unless I’m already creating it. 
We can cut out a great deal of unnecessary worry and pain when we honestly just focus on living and detaching. It doesn’t mean not being empathetic, it just means upholding boundaries that prevents you from taking on someone else’s stuff, even in relationships. 


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