Demystifying metaphysics 

I believe that we as spiritual seekers have gone a bit overboard when it comes to metaphysics. We have a tendency to overcomplicate everything. I blame sci-fi movies (although they are my bread and butter.) What I mean by this is that, we want things to be very literal. We want to physically EXPERIENCE everything quite literally in a third dimensional sense. For example, you’ll hear people in the spiritual community saying they want to “travel” to the 5th dimension. You don’t travel to any dimension. They all exist from right where we are and are easily accessible. You don’t need special crystals, your 3rd eye activated and all the extra spiritual fluff. All you need is your intention, for anything. But because of our need to feel like we’re actually DOING something, we miss it entirely. 
When I first became “spiritual” I was dead set on activating all my chakras, especially my 3rd eye. I thought I would be able to see spirits and into different dimensions etc. Now, I’m not concerned about activating anything. I can feel when I’m out of balance. I don’t know if my 3rd eye is open or closed, honestly how can you really tell? It’s not like you can see it. Anyway, my point here is that I spent a lot of time looking for things to assist me with activating something so that I could go beyond the limitations of our experience. The truth is, the only limitations we have are our spiritual misconceptions of metaphysics. 
The Matrix

We wear this out in our community don’t we? Ha! I see tons of people wishing to escape the matrix or feel the matrix is holding them back from something. Let me explain my version of our experience relative to the matrix concept. 

Demystifying and simplifying (and hopefully empowering you)

So, what exactly is the matrix or this thing we call life here on earth? Whelp, the matrix is nothing more than a culmination of consequences. Karmically speaking every single thing is the result of the choice-consequence mechanism. We have sort of a literal conception of karma i.e an “eye for an eye” or we believe the contrast polarity “if I was rich in a past life, I will be poor in this life.” Karma is actually subjective. It is unique to each of us. Something you do may bring you what one would consider “good” karma but if I do the exact same thing it may yield “bad” karma. Why? Because we are all different. It would be unfair to impose a one size fits all karmic rule book on everyone. Your karma is determined by you. You are the judge and the judged. Anything that is not in alignment with your spirit is going to create negative karma. Back to the matrix analogy, how does this all tie in:

A karmic consequence shows up as a frequency, or a code if you will. (Don’t take this too far it’s simple I promise.) The way we interpret these codes are through feelings. Our feelings sort of act like the bridge between worlds. How we feel comes from our spirit (5D), what we feel is 3D.   

When we are born, we come into this incarnation with the codes we’ve carried over from past lives. These of course are the result of our choices. This sets up the nature of YOUR reality. The family you’ll be born into, economic status, location etc etc. So as we can see, the matrix construct is nothing more than a culmination of choice-consequence. The unique aspect to our experience here on earth is that we can create the illusion of experience. Therefore whatever frequency or code we choose, exists in some way shape or form. The codes we choose or feelings, we know how they feel but we won’t necessarily know what it looks like. So back to the above example of two people doing the same thing yielding different karmic result: say both people get jobs as clerks. Person one, LOVES being a clerk. Person two is only being a clerk out of obligation. So the frequencies these two people just created are love and obligation. Karmically the only thing they can attract is more love and obligation. We attract our vibrational likeness, so if we are in the frequency of love we attract more love. We may not know what love is going to look like (consequence) but we know whatever consequence we get it’s going to FEEL like love. 

Yes the matrix is an illusion, but there is no way of transcending being in it unless you are no longer in your physical body. However, you can certainly transcend your attachment to the illusion. Each and every one of us created our own personal matrix because that is what was in vibrational alignment with us at the time of our incarnation. But we are in no way shape or form bound or trapped, we chose this…and we can un-choose it at any point in time. 

In the movie the matrix, the construct was built upon numbers, I view those codes as feelings obviously. The movie had certain bad “programs” like Mr. Smith. We too create these same type of programs whether consciously or unconsciously. Whatever frequency or code we choose WILL manifest in our experience. We think of these entities as actual beings, but our conception of beingness is rooted in a 3rd dimensional concept. An entity can be a program like disempowerment that you continue to replay life after life. If you want to believe you are not the creator of your experience, guess what? You will create the illusion that supports that. People who feel “trapped in the matrix” will continue to be because THEY are CHOOSING IT.

We are interplaying with various dimensions ALL the time even simply by making choices. Everything we experience in our reality is a physical manifestation of spirit. We conjure it up on the 5th and 4th dimension then materialize it here in 3D. It isn’t mystical nor complicated, that type of spiritual fluff is what sells. It gets you hooked because it’s ego pleasing. But when we scale it down, we can see that our experience isn’t as difficult as we think. Life becomes more predictable because we are now consciously choosing our experience.


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