I’m giving up spirituality… 

I’m tired of the spiritual community. Spirituality has become too commercialized. Tons of people are selling what I like to call “spiritual fluff.” Stuff no one really needs but because they know how to market and sell well, people buy it. Then three months down the line realize they wasted their money. Everyone is selling SOMETHING, I aspire to be an entrepreneur but not at the expense of exploiting the spiritual community. I’m tired and I know I’m rambling. I haven’t written anything in a while. So the other day a friend invites me to a webinar about being a successful speaker hosted by spiritual people of course. My spirit wasn’t really feeling it so I didn’t tune in. Now that I was subscribed to their email system I was bombarded with emails. When the webinar was going live and I wasn’t in attendance, I got an email asking where I was. Um…no. It was entirely too much. So maybe three days after the webinar I get another email to join another event. My senses go up. “I bet they’re selling a program…” In the email there’s no mention of price just the program and perks. So I click through and I get to the registration page and what do you know, a $997 program. Voilà. I knew it. Another instance: I was on Facebook and I see a popular spiritual ‘guru’ who is complaining about the lack of support for his program. In my head I was thinking like are you serious right now? It’s like spiritual entrepreneurs are begging for sales no different than major retailers and it bothers the crap out of me. I’m not so sure why though. I’m tired of good decent people supporting these spiritual gurus who they can’t afford to support. I’m tired of spirituality being about business. I want to go back to cultivating and nourishing my spirit without needing to tune into this webinar subscribe here register there. I want real authentic connections with real authentic people. What ever happened to building actual relationships with people. Not your clients being funneled through an auto-responder service to and automated course only to never actually speak or learn directly from you.
This was a rant. I’m sorry. Hope it made sense. It did in my mind.


One thought on “I’m giving up spirituality… 

  1. Blair Atherton says:

    I hear you loud and clear and could not agree more. Spirituality should never be about making money. I wrote a book about my personal spiritual experiences and I give all the royalties to charity. The experiences and revelations were gifts to me. Sharing them with others is “my”(spirit’s) gift to the world.

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