There’s no such thing as the PERFECT relationship.

One thing you can 100% count on is that there will ALWAYS be dysfunction at some level within your relationship.

Western society particularly has piped us this dream to aspire for the perfect relationship. Of course this idea has also trickled into the spiritual communities and shapes the nature of much of the info about twin flames. We feel these relationships are supposed to be harmoninous and easy. If a relationship was always 100% harmonious, where would the opportunity present itself for you to grow? When something is 100% harmonious there is no reason to change anything.

The relationship yo-yo:

In order to evolve we much change because we can’t obtain new results by doing the same thing. Change is never an easy task, we’re stepping into unknown territory it presents a threat to your otherwise normal way of functioning. Alongside us we have our partners who are experiencing the same thing. Evolution and complacency playing tug of war. Sometimes our partner decides to become more complacent with there they are and you decide to take yourself to the next level. This creates friction within the realtionship because at that point a choice needs to be made. Either you decide not to go to the next level and rejoin your partner or they step up to where you are. There is also the choice to do nothing and allow things to progress the way they are naturally. Energy always seek to find an equilibrium and so long as you and your partner are on different wavelengths, it will not be harmonious.

At that point serious tension is created and issues arise as a result of the temporary misalignment. Notice, I did say temporary because this state doesn’t have to be lasting unless the two of you decide you can no longer grow together. If that is the case, naturally the relationship will end.

The tension created with highly conscious couples is truly beautiful because more often than not, both parties actually do want to continue growing within the relationship but the ego is throwing a massive temper tantrum. It’s almost like the partner who has decided to evolve in a new direction is energetically pulling their partner towards them and they can feel it. They may be absolutely disgusted at your presence but truly, its because they are afraid to fly with you. The ego is never going to admit being afraid so it will disguise its fear with anger and resentment.

They will eventually come around at the time of their choosing but until then, you must not wait for them. You must continue to soar!

Then at some point you trough and your partner surpasses you, then it begins all over again.

With Love, LH


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