Shifting relationship dynamics 

We have the power to control what shows up in our lives based on the choices we make. The energy of the circumstances that present themselves to us are a direct reflection of something in alignment with what we are doing. This energy tells you everything you need to know about the choices you’ve been making.
In relationships sometimes we try so hard to change our partners. Yes, we’ve all done it to some degree. Perhaps we want them to do something a certain way because their way bothers us. Or maybe they’re not showing us the attention we want…if only they did it this way. The fact is you CANNOT change them but you can change yourself. 
Insisting that a person do things a particular kind or way is infringing upon their free will. You cannot overstep boundaries. When someone feels their boundaries being threatened, they will indeed tighten up their security. We may feel like we’re doing them a favor or helping the relationships by insisting things be done a certain way, but you may be in fact pushing them further away.

Whatever a person does/doesn’t do and or how they behave is not up to you to fix. Most often, they don’t have an issue (with themselves), you have the issue (with them). So then who’s responsibility is it to fix it? Yours, because you’re the one with the problem! Their actions are their own just like your feelings are your own. You can’t fix their actions but you can change yours based on how their actions made you feel.

People can really get under our skin and suddenly we want to cleanse them of their impurities. If only it were that simple. The only person we can be responsible for is ourselves, yet we seem to forget that when it comes to us feeling wronged. We feel that somehow someone else is responsible for how we feel. The feeling of the act (upon you) showing up is in alignment with the feeling of our own actions. The universe doesn’t differentiate between another person doing something to you and you doing something. It’s all an act of doing, putting energy in motion. 

If your partner isn’t being present with you, and you feel invisible, karmic law says that energy is in alignment with you. What areas in your life are you not being present?

That is what you fix. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, or your partner for that matter. 

With Love, LH


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