No one needs saving.

At one point in my life I felt sorry for people…especially as I became more conscious. I felt that ‘sheeple’ were so asleep and I wanted to wake them up. If only they knew what I knew, the world would be a better place. I felt my mission was to save these people, free them from their pain and suffering. Although I had become more conscious of things, I still believed there was some evil unfair force which was the cause of peoples mishaps. How could I, in one breath, believe we are the powerful creators of our realities yet simultaneously believe someone else is responsible for our state of suffering?

My beliefs obviously conflicted one another. Most people hold these same beliefs or surrender their power altogether to another authority. For example, God being responsible for all the good and the devil is responsible for all the bad in our lives. Well, then, where do we come in at? How and what are we creating if someone else is responsible for the consequences? Those of us in the spiritual community have substituted the universe for God and negative forces, energy etc for the devil. Both are equally disempowering when it comes to believing they are responsible for anything in our lives.

If someone or something else is responsible for taking away your abundance then that would automatically mean that thing is also responsible for giving it back to you right? Something can’t be taken away if there is no access to it. If you had $20 and I took it from you, you would say you can’t purchase things, you’re being held back from the things you want because of me. Then when I give it back to you you’d say, see I (or the universe) manifest $20! No, gave it back to you. I was responsible for your lack and your abundance. You see, we want to say something else is holding us back but then we want to believe we create the good stuff. Nope. You’ve given authority to whatever this inhibiting force is. We perceive things as lack/abundance, it’s really neither. The universe is simply constantly cooking up the ingredients WE give it.

Everyone is perfect in their own creation.

To feel sorry for someone because you perceive their situation as being bad is deeply disempowering to them. You’re essentially telling someone they’re not in control of their lives. Each and every one of us has the same access to abundance. The universe is simply energy, you think energy has favorites? Energy is not a person. It doesn’t say oh yea, shes been bad in past lives, let me give her some bad karma. It simply matches the energetic frequency which we’ve created and continue to create lifetime after lifetime. Humanity has created its own circumstance and the only saving it needs is from its own mishaps.

I see so many people upset with people because they live their lives a certain way. We get all spiritual and want to shove our enlightenment down other peoples throats. How are you more divine than they are? If you notice, other people are perfectly fine with being ‘asleep’ as we call it. We’re the ones who get our panties all in a bunch. Our overinflated sense of duty can and does become our own worst enemy. We find ourselves constantly trying to fix everything. Then we begin to develop these huge egos of “I’m enlightened so let me fix (rebuke) you.” How is that any different than preachers (who the spiritual community constantly bashes) who tell folks they were born and sin and they need to be cleansed?

We feel special, chosen even, tasked with being humanities savior. Or you can wind up on the polar opposite end, taking on way too much of humanities stuff and end up just a mess! Of course we can exercise compassion and empathy but not to the point to where we abdicate our responsibility as creators or anyone else’s responsibility for that matter.

“Humanity needs saving…”

Saving from what exactly?

Nothing needs fixing or saving because nothing was ever broken. In all its craziness…we created it.

Twin flames are y’all listening?

With love, LH


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