You are NOT karmically bound to your twin flame…

You are not karmically bound to anyone or anything…that is… unless you choose to be.

Potential Karma

To my knowledge everything has potential energy. As we incarnate we incarnate with a blueprint of potential energy, resting energy. This blueprint can be accessed in a number of ways: astrology, akashic records, as well as other divinatory tools. What this blueprint entails is a culmination of the potential energies that have carried over with you into the present incarnation. We have the ability to act upon these energies transforming it into kinetic energy, action. OR we can choose to make new choices. However, most of us continue perpetuating the potential energy already present within us. This energy represents our potential karmic pattern.

If we decide to take a new course of action, a new karmic pattern is created. Whenever I’m asked if I believe in fate or free will, I look at like a fork in the road. On the one side you have fate, you can continue following predetermined outcomes based upon your potential karma. Then on the other side there is free will, we can choose to create a new set of outcomes. Both are choices of course but the latter presents us with new outcomes.

When it comes to twin flames, many of us had potential karmic energy with our twin flame but have since acted upon it transforming it into kinetic. Thus, a karmic pattern has begun based upon past life imprints. This is why many of us feel bound to our partners but really it is our continued choices in THIS life to uphold karmic past life patterns. We can create a new pattern whenever we feel like it. Most of us like the idea of being karmically tied to someone else. It sounds so exclusive and sexy, but in all reality it can and does hold us back.

You are an individual, with individual karma. No one can dissolve your karma for you. Sure they can assist you along your path by being a reflection of the vibration of the karma you’ve created but they cannot create a new karmic pattern for you. Twin flames are amazing but it is imperative that we maintain our own sense of autonomy within the relationship otherwise we’ll never begin to understand who we are as individuals and how we create our lives.

With love, LH


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