Everyones perspective is valid.

Who are we to tell another human being that their perspective is not valid?

Who are we to tell someone that they are wrong?

Uh, we certainly wouldn’t want someone telling us that we’re wrong now would we? Nope.

Our reality is structured based on our perception. We are oriented in the perception of separate beings, thus we have an awareness that we are self. As we continue functioning within the point of view of self, we lost our capacity to relate to others from their reference point of self. We have become so attached to the perception that we are separate from everything and everyone. In doing so spawn the birth of the ego, our personal reference point. Dun dun dunnnn! No but seriously, the ego is not bad…per se. It’s main function is to keep us within the boundaries of the reference point we have created for ourselves. When we attempt to step outside of that boundary we are met with resistance from the ego. These boundaries of course are not something we consciously set. When we ascribe to a belief, that establishes a boundary because anything outside of that belief is incongruent.

This subconscious resistance from ego can manifest in several types of ways but in relationship to this post it manifests as; “I’m right and you’re wrong and I’ll even debate you about how correct I am.” Debating in my opinion is so pointless and as I continue, you will see why I feel that way…Who establishes the matter of correctness? Is it you? Perhaps it is myself. We have our own neat little set of belief systems which at the mere sight of threat, we instantly go into defense mode.

A person who views themselves as being apart from you will have their own reality from which they function within. Simultaneously you do too. Once a belief is upheld, it then begins to shape the reality. When certain events happen, we place definition on them based on what our programming is. If you’re in a religion that says cars were created in sin by Satan himself and all the people who drive them are evil, then every time you see someone driving a car you’re going to believe they are evil. That statement is correct due to the nature of your belief system. But then I come along in my Satan mobile and tell you my car isn’t evil. I’m just as correct in my statement as well. This of course was a very basic example but just imagine the number of beliefs we ascribe to as individuals. Imagine yourself with a bubble surrounding you and on the outside of that bubble are all your beliefs. Now imagine everyone else with their own bubbles with totally opposite beliefs. Once you and others are in close proximity, it’s literally like you all are threatening to burst each others bubble.

The beauty of this is, it provides the opportunity for growth. For if there were no problem, there would be no solution.  We live in the realm of polarity, your perception is one side of the polarity and your counterparts is the other. Neither of your are correct or incorrect because both of you ultimately reside in the same spectrum. They key is not forcing your perception upon someone else but to embrace them for who they are and what their perception is.

“True compassion is not doing for another because you feel sorry for them, instead, because they are an extension of you…”

With Love, LH


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