Embracing your darkness = authenticity…

My partner and I had some SERIOUS blow ups. I mean it seemed like it was every other week we were at each others throats. One day he said to me, how are we supposed to be spiritual healers and we not even being very spiritual…
It hurt.

He was right. At the end of the day we are all still human though. As much as we’d like to try to be enlightened 24/7, the fact is we still have issues. We deal with anger, resentment, fear, etc just like every other human being on the planet. If you’ve chosen to live a life of transcendence of the physical experience, then i’d suggest monastic life. But for those of us who embrace the physical experience who work, deal with rush hour traffic and pay bills, we have very real emotions to deal with. As much as id like to think I’d OM you when you just cut in front of me on the highway and wish you peace, truth is i’d probably beep my horn and pull out a few choice words with your name on it.

The sooner we become real with who we truly are and stop forcing ourselves to be someone we’re not, the sooner we will actually achieve peace. Once you embrace who you are then you can change things as you see fit rather than ignoring it and suppressing it. Suppression only makes things explode. You are divine even in all your craziness. The magic is found when we find ourselves within our own madness.
My partner had been doing things that were irritating the life out of me then next thing you know, we were having it out with each other again. Then it finally hit me. I cant change him. He is who he is. I stopped expecting him to handle things the way I would or wondering how he couldn’t understand this or that. We are different. His perspective is just as valid as mine. What I was really doing was infringing upon his free will. I stopped talking and started listening. When I felt my blood boiling, I observed it. I could’ve nuked him but I didn’t. As women we have the power facilitate so much energy…really when it comes to maintaining peace its up to us. We know when things aren’t right. We know when our partner is going to do something totally stupid. Just let them do what they do, they’ll learn. It was like pulling teeth just sitting back watching but something magical happened…
The blow ups stopped and he was more present with me. I noticed everything I was thinking, he just did it. I didn’t have to say anything anymore. 

Just because you’re an a**hole doesn’t make you any less spiritual, it only makes you human. Being spiritual is about 100% authenticity to your unique divine expression however that looks for you. 


To your divine crazy:

With love, LH


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