There is TONS of information on the web about twin flames, and I mean TONS. It can be quite overwhelming really. You start reading all the information and you start feeling like wow, I want that for myself. I want to have all those blissful experiences! Twin Flames ugh yea count me in! Where is mine? Trust me I know, I did it too. To make matters worse, I met a couple who felt they were twin flames and they kept trying to help me find mine. They only enabled my curiosity.

This is the problem. CURIOSITY. A twin flame is best experienced, not explained. You can discuss the side effects but the actual union in and of itself is unexplainable really. We are trying to conceptualize a concept that exists beyond concepts. So it only inspires curiosity. Twin flames sound awesome so we immediately want it having no idea truly what a twin flame even is because we are dependent upon external sources to define our experience.

What’s wrong with being curious?

Well, nothing. Only that when you’re seeking something because curious, you get back curious results. Now that you have this twin flame handbook, once you meet someone you’re instantly going to wonder if they’re your twin flame. “omg is this person my twin flame, I’ve read all these websites and it sounds like this person is my twin.” Again, trust me…I did it too. Everyone I met turned me into an anxious wreck because I wondered if they were my twin flame and I endlessly read sites, listened to videos and compared the twin flame signs. “okay we have 30 of the 34 signs, he must be my twin flame, YES!.” Wrong, no. Very wrong.

Stop reading every piece of information you have about twin flames, even my blog. YES my blog. Go within yourself and define what a twin flame is for yourself. Throw away all the regurgitated twin flame signs, stages, and definitions. Burn it, shred it. Define it from YOUR authentic definition. FEEL IT.

I stopped reading everything about twin flames, in fact I threw the idea out the window. It bothered me that I was seeing the same information reposted on different sites. So I began thinking who is really experiencing this stuff and why can’t they define it from their own experience?

A huge problem is labels.

Twin Flames sound so juicy because of all the juicy info on the web about them. When we place a label on something we begin to function within the dimensions of that label because labels are restrictive. Many people feel like they’ve met their twin flame and proclaim it at the highest mountain tops “yes this is my twin,” when in fact they’re just experiencing a placebo effect. Like a hypochondriac self diagnosing on the internet we self diagnose our relationship because of twin flame signs we’ve seen on the web. As soon as you read something about a twin flame you think your partner is it.

I know all this may seem harsh but trust me, it will save you heartache, stress and anxiety.

Throw out everything on the topic of twin flames until:

  1. You’ve defined it for yourself.
  2. You’ve harmonized with your twin flame.

The second is highly important because if you say: okay I have it, I know what a twin flame is and you’ve met a person who you feel is your twin flame, then you proceed to label them as such…Say you end up not being with them, you’re going to feel really silly especially if you believe we only have one. Not only are you going to feel silly, it will be absolutely devastating having placed all your marbles in one basket. You thought they were it and now what? Flip over a few tables, blow something up if it helps. Then come and let me hug you. Oh and if you believe we have more than one, you’re going to repeat this process over and over again and drive yourself just as nuts. Like gosh how many twin flames do you have?! I’ve SEEN IT HAPPEN! Be patient and wait at minimum a year after you’ve been with them PHYSICALLY before you get back on the concept of twin flames. That way you are grounded.

It’s easy to say you’ve met your twin flame when you’ve never actually met them.


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