DARK twin flames and FALSE twin flames

My twin flame and I had been in contact for quite some time before we had physically met in person. Although we hadn’t met physically, strange things were already beginning to happen. It was still early in my spiritual development so it was hard for me to embrace what was happening, let alone understand what was happening. I didn’t have anyone to turn to because I knew I would be looked at like I was crazy. It was very difficult for me at first not knowing what I was experiencing and not having the support from anyone who could make sense of things for me.

And so it began…

I started having dreams about a man presenting himself as my twin flame. He looked strikingly similar to my love but something was very different. It didn’t feel the same. The feeling I got in the dreams were of uncertainty. Whereas the dreams I had about my actual twin flame were rooted in love and profound compassion. I would wake up feeling like my chakras were ALIVE. But this other man…he was wasn’t my twin flame and I knew it. He felt invasive and kept on trying to convince me that he was my twin flame. I didn’t want to be around him, I wanted him gone! When I woke up from the dream I was completely baffled as to what had happened to me. Once my twin flame and I physically met, the entity showed up again posing as my twin flame. This time he had blood on him and he admitted he wasn’t quite who he was pretending to be. My father was also in the dream and the dark entity presented himself as ‘Mark’ which isn’t my twin flames name. Then I said, “I thought your name was Ed,” which is also not my twin flames name. He said he takes on many names and personalities. At that point I knew for sure this was a dark entity which sought energy from other people.

Twin Flames have no idea how powerful they are until they start seeing and experiencing what they attract. Bear in mind that we do live in the land of polarity so when we polarize ourselves to the light, we will also attract its antithesis. Thus being, what I call “dark twin flames.” Mine showed up posing as if he was my twin flame, invading my dream space seeking energy. I simply asked it to leave me alone and asked my guides to see to it that I don’t leave myself ‘open’ to negative psychic influence in the dream space.

FALSE twin flames

My partner and I both experienced this right before we met each other. Shortly before I joined my twin flame I met another man who was into spirituality and was a great person. He read my initial posts about twin flames and felt like he and I were twin flames. I was totally blind sided by it but he was convinced I was his twin flame. I didn’t share those feelings. He was persistent about it but it drove me further away because I didn’t feel what he felt.

On the other hand, before my twin and I met (and recognized each other as twin flames) several women had been showing up in his life saying they were his twin flame. We did know each other at the time though, we just weren’t close.


It had gotten to the point where he was irritated by the idea of twin flames and wanted to give up on it altogether because none of those relationships worked out. Interestingly, all of the women had something weird going on in reference to me. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. One woman told him she had a dream her last name was Houston, which isn’t her last name but it is my last name. Nearly all the women look like me physically. Also, right before we met he kept meeting women from NC, which is where I’m. So it was like all these weird things going on before we actually hooked up which made it even more difficult for him to embrace me.

Personally I feel those experiences were getting him ready for me, same with me and my situation. It’s just so funny how everything has unfolded and continues to unfold. Sometimes I sit back and giggle at these things because there are no logical explanations when it comes to a love that defies our 3rd dimensional experience.

With Love, LH


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