What is a twin flame (revisited)

What is the highest expression of your divinity? In asking yourself this question you may find the answer to the question the post is entitled. 
A twin flame is the catalyst for whatever you embody as the highest expression of your own divinity. Take a look at where you are along your spiritual journey…you attracted your mate at a pivotal phase in your life. Even if you haven’t yet attracted a twin flame, look at how far you’ve evolved. Meeting your twin flame will be a reflection of that evolution. Of course we attract all types of partners in our lives but once we begin our journey conscious of the fact that we exist beyond the level of ego, our relationships will reflect that. 

Twin flames exist at the threshold of spiritual awakening. They take us deeply into every aspect of ourselves. Everything is a reflection of something else. Our deep longing- our genuine quest for higher consciousness is answered in the form of direct experience. After all, what do we truly want as conscious soul beings? For myself it is to express my divinity in every facet of my existence. In doing so, seeking to align more closely to who I am at soul level; my experiences assist me in facilitating that process. This is why so many twin flame pairings experience various phases of the relationship. It is a reflection of our own internal struggle with aligning to our divinity. The more we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, the more the ego will resist. 
Everything is a reflection of how we show up, a twin flame is a mirrors the divinity we seek to align with from within ourselves. 
With Love, LH


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