Divine Wisdom

Divine wisdom 

Just as there are seven chakras which govern the flow of energy for our physical existence, these chakras must also be in alignment to ensure the proper energy flow of relationships. When we send out strong emotions these can attach themselves to various chakras within ourselves or our partners. I like to use the chakra system as what I call “the seven pillars of relating.” When one of these pillars is misaligned or there are attachments to them, it can manifest as dysfunction within relationships. Are you a spiritual know-it-all?

Divine wisdom governs our crown chakra. In dysfunction it can manifest as judgement issues and escapist tendencies. Many of us on the spiritual path have a great deal of spiritual knowledge. We’ve read tons of spiritual books even listened to hundreds of lectures. But much of what is learned goes out the window at the mere sight of adversity. Sure we can intellectualize what it means to be compassionate and could even tell you what it means, but are we actually being compassionate? What’s the use of having all the spiritual knowledge in the world when it’s never practiced when it actually counts? It’s easy to be spiritual when you’re around tons of people at seminars and such because they are also trying to be spiritual but what about in close relationships with those you deal with on a daily basis? They see ALL of you. Not just the ‘you,’ you put on when you’re out at spiritual meetups.

Divine wisdom upholds our capacity to actually be spiritual rather than just knowing how to be. It challenges us to practice what we preach when it counts…Not just to the choir who expect you to preach it but also to the person who just pissed you off. 


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