Why would twin flames become enemies in past lives?

(I was asked to do a blog post on this question)

Short answer: To gain different perspectives of experience or if we have made choices that go against our divinity (thats a whole different story).

I believe we as souls decided over many lifetimes ago how we would play out each incarnation. We decided who we wanted to be in contact with and what lessons we would learn through those individuals. Twin Flames have also chosen various lifetimes with one another in which they were not in a romantic capacity.
Souls choose various relationship dynamics in order to evolve. I believe in oneness. We all are an extension of the one and we all are basically that one experiencing itself. The twin flame connection is probably the most extreme case of this mirroring phenomena.

The one divided upon itself in order to experience itself.

As twin flames are able to experience various placements in the relationship dynamics they’ve chosen to take part it, it provides a much broader range of consciousness. As the one divided upon itself we began experiencing what we perceived as different realities. These realities were really our separate self perception of our reality which we thought was limited to our own experience. Many people on the planet today continue to live within this limited range of consciousness which prevents them from being able to fully embrace others. They view the world as simply their experiences. The more we dwell in separate self consciousness the further we push ourselves away from universal consciousness or oneness.

True divinity is being able to see yourself in all things.

Reality can be looked at like a stream of light passing through a diamond. The one is the diamond and people are the colors that make up that diamond. Twin flames have often chosen to experience for example: a blue and a red and a purple etc to accumulate those experiences from those reference points. Due to the nature of our psyche, it is very difficult to internalize another reference point of experience thus twin flames choose to experience these reference points directly by incarnating as different types of people.

The 3rd dimension is a wonderful place for souls to learn because one of the laws here is polarity. We get to experience conflict as well as resolution. If you didn’t know conflict, how could you ever know resolution? Obtaining lessons as enemies also acts as a catalyst for learning and spiritual growth. Had you never been wronged, how would you know the beauty of forgiveness?

With love, LH


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