How do YOU define a twin flame?

Most often we buy into other peoples ideals because they sound sexy. It strokes our ego. The concept of twin flames is no exception. We want to feel special, we want to believe that there is indeed someone out there who completes us. Oh la la! It’s easy for us to get swept up in someone else’s ego trip when we haven’t clearly defined what something is for ourselves. Most of the definitions and information surrounding twin flames is rooted in very vague far our spiritual mysticism. The truth of the matter is, there is no way to prove twin flames actually exist because it is a spiritual concept thus, existing 4th dimensionally. We are 3rd dimensional beings trying to express a 4th dimensional concept hence the vagueness…
Most people feel that a twin flame is the ultimate relationship and that these people are the other half of our soul. To believe that someone is the IT experience instantly negates all other experiences. Each and every experience is equally as sacred. If your truth is that the twin flame union is THE relationship, consequently every other relationship will not hold nearly as much value. If you and your twin flame decide not to maintain a relationship, every new relationship will be overshadowed by your twin flame experience. It will be extremely hard to be present with anyone else because you’re so attached to the idea that there’s only one ultimate experience. Your mind WILL uphold every truth you carry. You feel a twin flame is THE relationship, then it will be.

The notion that someone else is your other half…you’re essentially saying that you are incomplete. Thus, you will always feel incomplete until you meet your twin flame. Once you finally do have that experience, you will become extremely attached to that person because you feel you literally need them to function. You’ve been waiting on it for so long that you don’t want to let it slip away. When they are away from you, you’ll feel a deep longing and a sense of emptiness because the space they fulfill for you is now vacant.

You may be saying by now “well Leann I’ve been following your blog for a while and you yourself stated twins are the things in this blog…” You’re perfectly right! My idea of a twin flame wasn’t clearly defined. We are evolutionary beings and as we shift our consciousness also shifts. Next week my truth may be different but what I share here and now is rooted in the laws that govern energy. You get back exactly what you put out.
Don’t get me wrong, twin flames are a very real concept in the sense that we have collectively pitched this idea and it continues to exist independently. So I’m not negating anyone’s experience, but what I am expressing here is that whatever we believe a twin flame is, we create it. Our reality is defined by the definitions we place on it. Everything is structured based on our programming. The more closely identified we are to something, the less objectivity we have. Many ideas swirling around twin flame phenomena are disempowering, ignore universal law and neglect our own sense of autonomy.

Check in with your definition of what twin flames are, most often our definitions are rooted in ego. Truly they are simply characteristics we wish to embrace within ourselves.

Because here’s the thing….Your twin flame is you! Funny how these things work huh?

-With Love, LH


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