Feminine Power

Dear Beautiful Goddesses

Please know that your words are sacred. They can cut a man cleaner than a samurai sward, and yet gentle enough to soothe a restless child to sleep. Choose when to speak carefully as your words carry great power. You are wise beyond measure. All the information you ever need is waiting on you to access it from within. Use your ability to feel and trust in your ability to know. Sometimes we have the tendency to get swept up in verbal battles, dear soul that is not your battle field. Yang is outward, it is physical and it is exhausting. Tap into the inner mysteries of the divine feminine power you carry within you. The power the activates as the moon waxes and wanes. This is the same energy which blessed your mother, her mother and her mothers mother…It is always available to you. Remember that your power is of the level of spirit, that is where you create. Words need not be said, physical action need not be taken. Rather, go deep into that space where your infinite wisdom is placed. See that which you wish to communicate, transmute, release or heal. You have the power to do this with the flick of intent at any moments notice. As the moon goes on her next retreat, go with her and explore the wisdom she has to offer you.

With Love, LH


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