Check Your Intent…

Whenever you’re seeking (or giving) advice or a reading check in with your intent FIRST. Energy flows with our intent and if you are unsure about your intent then it will be reflected in your results. The mind also has its way of validating everything that we are receiving so that it stays neatly in alignment with our programming otherwise we would be in a state of cognitive dissonance…and that’s not very comfortable at all.

An individual was seeking advice on their twin flame relationship. They felt that their partner lacked compassion and respect. The notion was upheld that twin flames are sacred divine unions, so how could we act so non spiritual. The fact of the matter is, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how spiritual you think you are, you are still human. No one can get around that. This particular person happens to be a woman and as women we expect our men to respect us like the goddesses we are right? One wrong move and our inflated egos are in a tizzy about how we’ve been disrespected. This woman felt that her partner was wrong for how he treated her and that she deserved better. Out of egoic desperation she sought to off-load her woes on anyone who would listen.

Once she off-loaded her issues on a person she was close to, he gave her his take on the whole ordeal. Interestingly enough, the person happens to be a life coach who specializes in relationships. He expressed to her that the relationship was toxic and that she chose this man who obviously wasn’t a very ‘good’ man but she was in love so logic was pushed by the wayside. Because she chose him, she must also realize that he is a perfect reflection of her also.

The woman in the situation got the exact advice she was looking for. It may seem like that wasn’t much advice at all in the sense that it wasn’t constructive but that’s just the thing. The woman’s intent for seeking advice was to validate her feelings of being victimized. She felt like her partner was behaving in a way that was not conducive for her and the advice she got was exactly in alignment with how she felt. Her partner may have indeed been insensitive to her feelings, rather than working through why that situation was being created in the first place, she resorted to taking the defense…

Neither party was right or wrong in their approach to the situation, each outcome was simply rooted in alignment with the intent. Had the woman based her inquiry for assistance in the energy of compassion and understanding of her partner, the advice she subsequently would have gotten would also be different. This applies to any type of situation in life. Whatever our intention is, regardless to the information we receive, our mind will find a way to validate it. It we are certain that two plus two equals six, our mind will bypass logic and find a reason to rationalize that thought.

-With Love, LH


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