Exploring the Soul is Necessary

I was going to entitle this post ‘exploring karma’ but I realized that when most people think about karma it’s very broad. Karma is simply a culmination of choices made and the consequences of those choices manifest differently for different issues. Rarely do we explore the root cause and the specific issue manifested by it.

There are certain soul level blockages which can totally alter a persons reality. For you, the observer it may seem like something totally insignificant but for the person experiencing this blockage, it can be a living hell. Exploring these blockages enables us to understand why they are going what they are going through so that we can empathize with them instead of judging them. As a relationship partner it is extremely hard not to take things personally because our ego just loves to feel validated. It’s easier to just say well he or she did this or that to me because they’re just mean. Well what if they have a soul level blockage which is manifesting in the form of anger? This would be their own doing of course but they may be completely oblivious to the fact that there is indeed something happening that is causing the issue.

Sometimes dysfunctions are caused by issues we are experiencing at soul level. For instance, some people are attuned to different realms of existence but they are unaware of it. So they are essentially experiencing two realities at once and they are unable to differentiate between the two. In the observers eyes they may seem delusional, erratic and even a bit psychotic but these people are simply in two worlds at one time. Western Society of course doesn’t embrace these spiritual concepts.

As a relationship partner it is imperative that you understand your partner (as well as yourself) so that you can better relate to them. Remember that our souls have experienced many lifetimes and we have picked up a great deal of baggage as well as damage from previous lives. If you or you partner is unaware of what you carry, when it surfaces how will you deal with it?


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