Do I have a twin flame?

If you are reading this then, YES you do.

How do I know? Because, if there is a deep longing (which there had to be in order for you to have even taken the time to search for this article) then by divine law the universe must respond to that request. The universe gives us back what we put out. Hopefully this will ease your sense of worry in wondering if you have one.

Does everyone have a twin flame?

Short answer, no.

Everyone chooses their incarnation differently. The twin flame connection is one that enables us as physical beings to experience oneness through relating with someone else. We are able to see ourselves clearly reflected physically by relating with another person. Due to my own bias having chose to relate with a twin flame, I must say that this is one of the most divine experiences. However, a person choosing to walk the solo path is just as noble and divine. There is no differentiation between the two other than the illusion of separateness.

The twin flame connection poses great challenge because of the direct experience. Often as individuals it is hard for us to act as our own spiritual catalyst because we are happy operating within the confines of our comfort zone ruled by our ego. We can’t, in essence ‘step on our own toes’ when need be. A physically incarnate person, however, can.

What we are really longing for when it comes to a twin flame is to experience our own divinity. After all nothing is separate from us but because of our limited perspectives, we view everything and everyone as being outside of ourselves. We say we just want that one person who completes us…a twin flame simply helps you to recognize the completeness you carry within yourself by acting as a true mirror.


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