A Twin Flame Does Not Complete You

It seems that we have this idea that we are incomplete until we meet that special person. We sense that deep longing that there is someone out there that will just help us to feel fulfilled. All of the failed relationships we’ve had further emphasize this notion of incompleteness. We leave from these relationships finding ourselves still searching for that one who completes us. Big Hollywood has fed us these dreams of that fairy tale relationship that just harmoniously flows with our entire being. A perfect relationship and a love that fills all voids. Society has always yearned for that soul mate or twin flame. 

Whelp, as it pertains to twin flames or any soul mate for that matter, these people do not complete us. These people are the catalyst for us in finding the completeness we already foster within ourselves. 

What exactly does that mean?

People who are in close alignment with our soul reflect our inner being. A twin flame is the closest physical example of how we get to experience ourselves. They are a direct reflection of us, they are a mirror. Many people on the planet are not walking in alignment with their soul. The separate self is always finding a way to keep us from evolving. Stagnation is comfortable because it doesn’t threaten our ego. When we seek to grow we must step outside of our comfort zone and this will inevitably be uncomfortable.
A twin flame reflects our self limiting habits, just as much as they reflect our greatness. Whatever part of our lives we are most attached to, a twin flame will thrust us into releasing it so that we can grow. Whatever is holding us back will be threatened to be removed. But, for most of us who have separate self consciousness; we are unable to see the fact that these individuals are here to grow us. So these connections are usually chaotic blood baths (exaggeration). We feel judged and condemned but our irritation is merely a reflection of our resistance to seeing ourselves through our partner. 

I’ve been trying to get out of using myself as an example but in this case I feel it’s necessary.

Little ol’ comfortable me…

I come from a decent family, my parents funded my education…and for the most part I had everything handed to me. This in a lot of ways (which I was oblivious to until I got with my mate) hindered me. I lost my creative spark and I didn’t know how to be independent. I never had to be. My twin flame was of a totally different background, I would describe him as a “go-getter.” Being with him was (and still is) extremely uncomfortable as I felt he always emphasized my immaturity. I felt pushed into a corner, I felt helpless. This of course was never anything he intentionally did, he simply acted as my mirror…To show me that it was time to walk my spiritual path, that it was time to be stripped of everything I was holding on to as a crutch (my parents). It was time that I became a woman and it was scary. He exudes creativity and independence so my separate self internally was like “look at him being all creative and such with his independence…” 

He could say or do the smallest unrelated thing and I’d feel like he was on my case. His mere presence was irritating for no reason other than the fact that he was growing me.

Until you have become sovereign within yourself a twin flame union will never be harmonious. Codependency is destined for failure. Not necessarily being financially codependent but spiritually codependent. If you have no sense of self, your creativity is lacking and your overall sense of being is lacking. It’s like a shadow cast over part of you, the darkness is the illusion of incompleteness and a twin flame is a flashlight.  


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