Twin Flame Unions: Why are they necessary for the planet? 

We are all extensions of one mind; simply a thought extending and dividing upon itself, interplaying within itself to experience the various aspects of itself. You are a thought manifested. The twin flame union is a direct physical manifestation of this interplay of the ‘one’ experiencing itself. Both people in a twin flame union are not incomplete as there is no separateness in the grand scheme of things. However, with our limited perception or separate self consciousness we are unable to embrace the fact that there is always a connection regardless of the limitations physical reality. In order to experience ourselves we had to extend a reference point, or an outward thought. This expression is manifested in 3D as two separate beings. 

As humanity has fallen deeper and deeper into the illusion of separateness, the Twin Flame union becomes even more important so that the world may know divine love, oneness. Many beings on earth are stuck in 3rd Dimensional consciousness of which they are not aware yet that they are a soul having a human experience. The Twin flame union is the closest direct experience we have to source because it is a physical manifestation of the harmonization of polarities. It is then that we finally begin to embrace the divine understanding of oneness. We then begin to embrace the connectedness of all things regardless of denseness and polarity. 

It doesn’t necessarily matter if a person is highly conscious of the philosophy behind twin flames, the union is a physical display of the completeness and harmony we already foster on the soul plane. It is a reminder of our divinity as interconnected beings. In that regard, twin souls aren’t here to save humanity. They are simply here to just BE. People seem to place this overinflated sense of duty on twin flames but for those who are in a twin flame union will note, much of their time is spent cultivating their relationship. All the work is spent on maintaining the connection. Why? Because the connection is profoundly difficult without work. The best thing anyone can do for humanity is to save themselves, as humanity is a collective reflection of people as individuals. 
Twin flames inspire us by showing us how to embrace the polarities within ourselves. The union teaches us that all is connected. 

-With Love


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