Twin Flame Telepathy Exercise (game)

On one epic road trip 2,000 miles in I decided to make up a game. I simply call it the Telepathy Game (I’m not very creative when it comes to names). Much to my surprise, it had great benefits. For the skeptic it was a bit creepy because it worked! 


1. Choose a category. Be sure that it’s not too broad or too specific like cars or a number from 1-10. Colors in the rainbow, sneaker brands, wireless service providers etc are good ones. 

2. Once you’ve selected your category let your partner know the category only. If you choose wireless service providers just say the category is “wireless service providers.”

3. Choose your pick from that category, for example you could choose AT&T. 

4. Take a minute or two to clear your mind. 

5. Once you feel grounded and clear, start to utilize your imagination to activate the senses associated with the item. In this case AT&T is brand so it’s visual. Visualize the symbol, the name and the colors in detail. Picture in your minds eye for a few seconds. 

6. Once you feel you’ve got the visualization steady, notify your partner that you are getting ready to send them the message.

7. Visualize the image floating to your partner (be creative with this). Or, for instance imagine drawing the image in front of your partner. Imagine that you’re saying it to them. Visualize yourself sending it to their minds eye. Be vocal, tell them what you’re doing. 


1. Believe in yourself! It doesn’t work if you don’t believe you can do it!

2. Once the sender notifies you that the message is coming make sure that your mind is clear and that you are receptive. 

3. Follow your partners words, if they’re saying they’re sending the message to your minds eye, center your focus there. If they’re imagining whispering it to you, shift your focus there. 

4. Once you feel confident that you’ve got it, give it a shot! Tell them what you picked up. Don’t second guess yourself! The first choice is usually correct. 

That’s it! Nothing too hard. If your partner doesn’t guess correctly just try again but don’t exhaust it. 

This exercise helps to:

Increase confidence in spiritual abilities 

Establishes spiritual bridge of communication 

Increases trust in one another

And of course, it stimulates extra sensory perception 

This is a great exercise for anyone in general but particularly twin flames because of the deep spiritual connection. There may be times where you and your partner are separated and unable to to speak, this helps so that you may always feel the connection. For those times where one of you is running, this will be helpful during those times.



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