Feminine Essence in Twin Flame Unions

“Since we came together things have been rough. Why am I experiencing so much drama and darkness…”

The closer we align to who we are on a soul level, the things that aren’t in alignment with us begin to fade. The feminine polarity of the union has an untethered knowing. She is the void. In order to begin to understand the dynamics of the union one must access the gates of the feminine because she is attuned to the higher spiritual realms. She holds the keys to understanding the parallels of physical and spiritual realities. We fear her because she dispels the illusion of separateness. She displays a connectedness that defies the laws of physics that rule this plane. For the masculine who is associated with matter, this is confusing and scary as she takes us beyond our 3D box. She is chaos. It doesn’t make logical sense because she doesn’t follow any sort of system. The masculine is form and physical expression. Whereas she is the unseen, that which cannot be rationalized. She is the bridge between realities. Chaos (fem) comes before order (mas). 


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