The ‘new age’ movement halted my spiritual growth.

Sometimes you have to get in a persons sh*t.

What is said sh*t? Whelp, it’s the stuff we don’t want to acknowledge even exists and we wish to keep hidden from everyone else. Subconsciously we know it’s there, but when it surfaces we want to just flush it down the toilet and forget about it.

New age movement “be like…”

-it’s okay because we are ‘perfect’
-everything is an illusion
-as long as you’re positive and think positive thoughts that will create your reality.

These of course are very simplistic ideals but it suffices the point…all of which avoids the issue at hand. Over the course of my new age path I never met anyone that was a threat to my separate self (ego). It seemed that the was about meditating, eating better and living a better quality of life. Everyone I met was always all blissed out in the cosmos, posting tons of philosophical spiritual quotes and pictures. I was right along in the mix, it felt good…because I wasn’t actually evolving. Anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone isn’t going to feel “good.” The biggest trick my separate self played was making me feel like I was actually being spiritual.

Spiritual knowledge vs Wisdom

I was (and still am) knowledgable about spiritual concepts, I could easily teach a class on it. That was the problem. I had knowledge but that was just it. Constantly reading, contemplating and meditating helped me to attain more peace of mind but I wasn’t actually becoming different. It helped me to become a gentler being, which I am naturally but gentler in the sense that I avoided stepping on anyone else’s toes (and I didn’t want mine stepped on). Sometimes we have to step on toes, we have to bust peoples egos. That is the only way to truly grow.

Let the ego busting commence!

When we seem to be stagnant on our path, divine intervention seems to find a way to fix (humble) us real good. It usually comes in the form of stripping us of the things we are attached to. Sometimes we have to be stripped spiritually naked so that we may see our truest self. Peeling back layers is an extensive, painful experience. New age spirituality is portrayed to be an easy blissful way of life. When has anything truly life changing ever been easy? Our separate selfish self does not want to change. Period. It avoids anything that it’s threatened by. My avoidance was spending too much time blissed out in the cosmos and avoiding dealing with my own sh*t.

Spiritual training

I was a natural athlete and bread to be the best at what I did. The best coaches I had were the ones who pushed me beyond my own limitations. They saw in me the things I couldn’t quite see within myself. In order to push me and to help me see how I was limiting myself they had to make me uncomfortable. It hurt and I cried many times. At that time I felt like I was receiving harsh criticism. Now I understand that it was simply unselfish love. They had nothing to gain by my success. Someone who truly loves you and wants to see you succeed is going to say the things that need to be said to help you. Your separate self may be offended and hurt, but it’s simply your own resistance to change.

Since when did spirituality become an escape route from the matrix? I see this false new age perception that this path is butterflies and roses, but it isn’t. In order to evolve we must be reborn and in order to be reborn we must die…death in the spiritual sense. A true teacher is going to act as a catalyst for that ‘spiritual death.’ True teachers aren’t going to be popular nor are their teachings. Why? Because people are afraid of change. The ultimate outcome of the spiritual part is peace but most of us haven’t gotten there. How is it that one minute we can blissed out and the next pissed off? Because we haven’t truly attained peace…we haven’t fully freed ourselves from ourselves.


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