Why I will no longer give spiritual readings or seek them.

(Just when I was beginning to get pretty good…)

Once I found that I had what some would call ‘gifts’ I figured hey why not offer them to others! At first my biggest struggle was trying to decide if I was going to charge people for readings. My spiritual peers urged me that I needed to charge people because I still have to eat and after all money was just energy. Both were valid reasons however I just couldn’t shake the idea of charging someone for helping them. I eventually gave in and decided to charge people and it didn’t make me feel any better about it. Something about it just did not resonate with me whatsoever so what did I do? I decided to provide my services for free. In my mind I was thinking “great that ought to do it!” I expected to get tons of inquiries for readings but to my surprise no one showed any interest. From my experience with spirituality I know that whenever something doesn’t go quite as we expected, it means that whatever it was wasn’t in alignment with you. Deep down although I wanted to help people, I knew that the way I was going about it wasn’t right. I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was specifically.

What it finally boiled down to were these HUGE points:

1) Having a reading done reinforces the idea that you are not confident enough in your own inner compass.

2) Readers and clients are influenced by their own bias and programming thus the reading will never truly be “authentic.”

First off, whenever I had readings done there was always this nagging voice telling me that I need to go within instead of depending on someone else for a reading. Readers can offer some assistance; however, just as a a parent assists a child in learning how to walk. But, one day the child must learn to walk on their own. We already have everything we will ever need but sometimes we abuse the convenience of readers which in turn further hinders us because they can easily turn into a crutch. Secondly, each person living on the planet has developed separate self consciousness due to the necessity of a reference point for relating in the human experience. However, most of us further developed our separateness due to programmings and belief systems which further separated us from universal consciousness which encompasses ‘the all.’ As such, a reader as well as the client who has not transcended the ego/separate self consciousness will always be limited based on their reference point. The client will consciously or subconsciously filter (misinterpret) the information to suit the needs of the separate self. Readings can be confusing when we aren’t clear within ourselves. Readers may filter information to suit the needs of your separate self. They may be afraid to “step on your toes” in giving you an authentic reading out of fear of hurting your feelings. The biggest question is how do you know if you’re giving information from the clients inner compass or is it coming from your filters. As with receiving a reading, how do you know if the info you’re receiving is accurate? You have faith in the reader to give you accurate information but not in yourself.

Readings provide a finite service. We’ve been conditioned into wanting things quickly and easily. Why meditate for hours on end trying to become my inner compass when I can just go find a psychic who can do it in a snap? We think that we are bettering ourselves by getting spiritual guidance but this doesn’t actually help us to become more spiritual. Readings provide helpful information as far as what we need to do but it doesn’t help us to actually do it. Once we get what we need it’s time to take the training wheels off and be gone with the wind. But, because our dependency lies with our reader (because we aren’t confident enough in ourselves) more than likely we may never take off the training wheels.


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