Why embracing love is so hard.

Love is a harmony that exists amongst all living organisms. We tend to associate love with romance but I feel it’s much simpler than that. It is purely a vortex of energy that flows in constant balance.

When we finally attract someone who truly loves, we must raise our frequency to even be in their orbit. In doing so it requires the shedding of our own sense of separateness. There is no central reference point in the vortex of love energy. As such there is no place for “I or me.” Much of our conscious reality is filled with people relating to the world from their separate selves, believing that they exist independently from everything and everyone else. This goes against the flow of love. Our realities have been shaped by experiences from the reference point of self. “So and so did this to me…I obtained these credentials from…” It simply adds more layers to our existence, pulling us further away from the oneness that exists from within. That in my opinion IS love.

Love is a threat to the separate self

We fear being loved more so than being rejected. We look at ourselves like we’re already damaged goods, who’s going to put up with us? So, we expect rejection, we expect pain. It validates the ego by maintaining the separateness. But on that day when we finally find that person who is truly loving, it’s uncomfortable. They love us for who we are and want to merge in harmony with us. The separate self wants no parts of it, subtly reminding us that we aren’t worthy because we are difficult to deal with. We end up retreating back to our comfort bubble because our partner threatens to cause us to truly embrace who we are. In embracing their love for you, you must also embrace yourself because their love is an extension of you.

In order to begin embracing love we have to peel back our layers, all of our associations with self. These associations in no way shape or form define us or add value to who we are at soul level. They’re simply tools necessary to relate on various dimensions of this matrix. The central force that exists at the subatomic level is oneness. No matter what angle we try to define it, religious, metaphysical, or scientific all roads lead to the same destination. Oneness.


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