Pain is our greatest addiction.


The Spiritual Self

Came to Be

As The One divided within itself.

Created then, were Infinite

multiplicities of the One

Still One with the One

Consciousness of Oneness Remained

Separate Self Consciousness

Came to Be

As the Separate Self

Moved deeper into the Matter of Earth

Vibration Fell into Density and Fragmentation

With Polarization into Male and Female.

The Opposites Repelled.

The Positive lost Receptivity.

The Receptive turned from the Positive.

Polarity misdirected, the Flow waned Chaotic.

Severed in Consciousness From The One,

The Way was Lost.

The Separate Self

Only has Life in Separation.

Separation is an illusion,

that the Separate Self Works to Maintain.

The Monkey Mind serves to keep away the stillness

that reveals the Light of Truth and Oneness.

In the Illusion of Separateness

from the One, Ahura Mazda,

The Separate Self believes,

and behaves,

in ways that are not harmonious

in the flow of the One.

Such disharmony causes suffering,

both for the Separate Self,

and others.

The Separate Self.

Turned Within instead of Without

Began the way of Take instead of Give

Thus was the Birth of Self-ishness

Then Came to Be

The SELFISH Separate Self

The master of Selfishness,

The Pawn of Darkness.

Selfishness –

The Root of all evil,

All ignorance,

All wrongs,

All pain and suffering.

Greed, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Vanity and Lust,

Call thee each by thy true name –


Theft, Brutality, War, and Famine –

Exist not without Selfishness.

The Selfish Separate Self

Is a creature

of our own design.

It Disdains Love

Shuns the Light

Fears the Truth

The Selfish Separate Self

Lives Against the One

It Lives a Lie

It survives only in illusion

It Lives only to serve itself, and its masters –

the darkness and

The Lords of darkness.

It relishes ignorance.

With its self-centered gaze,

It is Blind.

The Selfish Separate Self

Is Insane.

Terrified of death –

yet it often accelerates its demise.

Wants to avoid suffering,

yet it often creates it.

Wants to fulfill its every desire,

yet it often prevents their attainment.

It suffocates itself with its own blind taking,

and destroys its own source of life.

The Selfish Separate Self

Controls the Mind

and Twists the Truth

It can avoid God by Searching for God

It can avoid Love, by looking for Love

Your Selfish Separate Self

Is the most terrible Demon

You will ever See

Transcend its Grip

And you will be Free

Your Selfish Separate Self

Will frighten You

When you look it in the Eye

Greet it with True Love

And it will Die

From the ashes of its Grave

Like the Sun it will Rise

Born anew, Separate no longer

To serve your True Self

And the Will of The One.

As a servant,

Its proper place,

It Finds Peace and Happiness.

Thusly do the Great Enemies,

Become Allies,

As One.

The One

Becomes Two

The Two become Three

The Two Beget Four

and Begins the More

Within and Without

Torn Between and Against

Mirrors on All Sides

Split Inside and Out

Again and again

Thus is the Ignorant Self

To Be Whole Again

To Be home Again

Only The Weary Learn

Only The Bleeding heart Returns

To Be Whole with the One Again

Is the Great Goal.

The Great Mountain we can climb

with our Will.

For Those who Take Power over

Their Selfish Separate Self,

Will Return

And Be Wholly One.

The Wholly Ones use the Power of Love,

Sacrifice Their Selfish Separate Self,

And Make To Give.

Thusly did they Find Their Spiritual Self Again.

Thusly do they Forever Walk

With the Peace of the Whole,

And in Their Wholiness,

are a Blessing to All.

– The Children and the Lost Teaching of Atlantis

I read these teachings day after day for years and it never really hit me until recently. Sometimes we may read a thing and understand it from an intellectual standpoint but to internalize it is an entirely different state of awareness. When you understand something you can break it down to a science, even teach it to others but when you go the extra mile to internalize it, you can teach it to others without even saying a word. Why? Because you live it. As a ‘newbie’ in spirituality I often spoke a good game. Ooh sure I read tons of spiritual books, I had all this spiritual knowledge but that was just it. I had spiritual knowledge but I wasn’t actually spiritual, even though at that time I thought I was. My ego bubble finally burst when my twin flame and I had a huge blow up.

After we exchanged words I simply couldn’t understand why he went crazy on me. “I didn’t do anything to deserve this. Why would he do this to me? How could he?!” As I was riding in my car I played back everything that had just happened like it was a movie. “Okay now what did he say after that?” It was like I was trying to find his faults in the blow up, as if I was critiquing a debate tournament. Then it finally hit me, I was addicted to being upset. “How can a person be addicted to being upset?” The skeptic quickly demanded. I’m not sure if at that point it was my higher-self leading me through this internal debate but I knew it had to be from a source much higher than my own state of consciousness at that time.

It went something like this:

Look at what you’ve said thus far…nearly every sentence you’ve said has started with “me, I, or him,” failing to realize that he is an extension of you. The separate self wants to maintain its sense of identity by continuing to create the illusion of separateness. Thus, it has created this environment of dysfunction which you have attached to, accepting it as your reality. It does not have to be so; however, you have accepted it as such. You can choose to be at peace with this situation or you can continue to remain upset. It is easy to remain upset, it feels good, it pleases the ego. YES, HE needs to know how HE hurt ME. You are simply here to allow reality to flow through you like a river. When you attach to situations you can never truly be at peace because your reference point for your reality is going to always be relative to that one experience.

I was on emotional autopilot and the separate self was my gps. My realization came down on me like a ton of bricks…so much so that it made me sick. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable and now I understand why most people are selfish; it takes work to be at peace but even that is an illusion in and of itself. The separate self is an intelligent entity that has several defense mechanisms in place to avert merging into wholeness but these are simply illusions. All that was and ever will be is oneness, it is who you are at the core essence of your very being. No matter what anyone says, thinks, or does to you, you are in charge of your inner peace.


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