It’s not you, it’s you.

I don’t like talking about things I haven’t personally experienced so whenever I blog about something, it’s usually triggered by something that has happened to me. This also enables me to add some humor in the mix. Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves, don’t take life too serious.


So, my love bug and I were out eating and somehow we ended up spiraling into another infamous blow up. I knew it was coming. The tension was thicker than cold grits. Knowing what awaited me if I made one false move, I chose my words as carefully as I could, treading lightly…then wham! I pushed a button, or two. Not purposely of course, I tried my best to slowly diffuse the situation; however, my bomb squad training was no match for the atomic nature my love bug encompassed. At that point I’m pretty sure his eyes rolled to the back of his head.


Perhaps I could’ve blessed my lemon infused dihydrogen monoxide concoction and sprinkled it over his head in an attempt to cast out whatever waffle house demons which seemed to overwhelm him at the sight of his poorly constructed mountain of grits. He had his heart set on those grits. Instead of employing the use of my highly evolved spiritual military strategy, I solicited the use of one of the oldest tricks in the book. I simply dismissed myself from the table and walked to the car with a to-go box in tote.


What was more hurtful to him than bickering back and forth, using all types of sentence enhancers, was walking away. Walking away literally ripped his ego to pieces. Now his ego had nowhere to run to, no one to deflect the situation off on. He was merely left with his own inner demons to tend to, gnawing at him. Now who was going to listen to his woe is me rants? The separate self seeks validation by maintaining dysfunction. Suddenly, the same critical spotlight the separate self cast on me had abruptly been turned against him. My simple act of walking away acted as his true mirror.


True mirrors are our greatest teachers

True mirrors reflect our selfish thoughts, feelings, and actions back to us. The hardest part is, no matter how hard we kick and scream, they will continue to love us. It is profoundly uncomfortable. You can’t run from them, nor are they going to sugar coat anything for you. Regardless of if you’re ready to evolve or not, they are going to act as a catalyst for your development. We feel that they are being unjust and cruel but it is simply our own separateness creating illusions with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Naturally, these are attempts by the separate self to refrain from evolving. By doing so, we are merely running from ourselves. It seems like a sort of cruel and unusual punishment but we must realize that we are our own worst enemy.



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