Karmic relationships


Ooh (insert cringe here) From a metaphysical perspective, essentially all relationships are karmic in the sense that each person we encounter is here to help us evolve. But specifically what is a karmic relationship and how does it differ from a soul mate or twin flame? Whelp, I believe the soul purpose of karmic relationships is to help you heal. There is some unfinished business between you and that person that needs to be dissolve in order for you to grow. A person may have several karmic connections they need to play out in this lifetime.

These karmic partners may seem like they’re soul mates because of the intense emotions they bring about. They are simply here to teach us, nothing more nothing less. Soul mates and twin flames are more closely associated to who we are on a soul level, as such they are more compatible. These connections are lifelong experiences, whereas a karmic one may only be for a season. Keep in mind when I say lifelong experiences, this doesn’t mean you will be with these people physically. It’s more so an energetic connection, a harmony that will always exist. Karmic relationships are specifically difficult because there are serious cords connecting the two. These cords make it difficult to stop thinking about that person, that’s why we tend to believe they are the one for us. Our spirit is simply trying to get our attention with that person so that we may seek to find the lesson involved. Please remember that karma is neither good nor bad, it’s simply what you make it. I would describe these connections as being intoxicating and addictive. They are extremely difficult to walk away from, regardless of the circumstances.

This post is a continuation of my last post discussing letting your relationship partner go. No matter if you’re in a relationship or not, karmic relationships are inevitable. These connections may bum-rush you out of nowhere and will devour you if you try to ignore them. It is absolutely necessary to heal these connections. That doesn’t mean go run off and be with them, but you need to be at least close enough to understand why they have resurface in your life and that may be difficult for your partner. If you find that you have attracted a karmic partner while you’re currently in a relationship, do your best to communicate with your partner and let them know there is nothing they’ve done or not done. No one is to blame. It was inevitable and is in no way shape or form a reflection of something lacking in the connection.

More on this topic later…(I hate blogging from my phone)


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