Are conscious women too intellectual?

Upon reading the title of this post, one may immediately say, ‘how can one become too intellectual?’ This question came about in a conversation I was having with a male counterpart who expressed to me that conscious women are difficult to date and further explained why…

Conscious women are in their heads too much, instead of just feeling their man. I shouldn’t have to tell you when to kiss me. A lot of conscious women do so much studying that they get drawn into a particular culture and feel they should experiment with that particular culture or relationship model…so she’s often changing and flip flopping according to where her mind is…

His statements brought up a serious thought provoking issue that had never crossed my mind before. Have women gotten so wrapped up into the yang energy that we’ve forgotten to cultivate the yin? As most of us know, logic and reason resides in the domain of the yang. While I do not necessarily ascribe to gender specific roles, I do however, ascribe to energy specifics. It seems that the new wave of consciousness has thrust us into new difficulties as it pertains to relationships. I know this to be true because I see many melanated conscious women and men alike who are single. Perhaps we have tried to over intellectualize teachings as opposed to grasping the essence and relying on our inner compass to complete the journey. As androgynous psychic beings, we must cultivate our masculine as well as feminine faculties.

The androgynous energies existing within our psyche is represented by the anima/animus archetypes created by psychologist Carl Jung. Each male has an inner female (anima) archetype as does the female with her masculine (animus) counterpart.

He (animus) represents inferior masculine logic, just as the anima represents inferior feminine emotionality. No man can converse with an animus for five minutes without becoming the victim of his own anima…the animus draws his sword of power and the anima ejects her poison of illusion and seduction.

The animus dynamic represents a particularly challenging complex in conscious women because many of us are trying to integrate the feminine energies through masculine modalities (study, research, logic). Our inner masculine has been shaped by the experiences we’ve had with the men in our lives (fathers, brothers, mates etc). The dark masculine is comprised of all the qualities we repress within ourselves and those we find repulsing in men. As we become possessed by our animus we begin to project these qualities unto other people and or exhibit them ourselves. Have you ever noticed a women who has been severely hurt by a male figure, a father particularly and says; “I’ll never be like my father” but acts just like him? Her animus has taken over and she is in complete denial about it. While the anima is manipulative, the animus goes for the jugular with critical statements wielding his need for power and control.

Although these energies are represented in all women, it’s emphasized in that of conscious women because we think we are in our feminine. Honestly, we think we know everything because all we do is read/study/research/debate etc. We want to create lasting healthy relationships particularly in the black community however we are extremely yang and totally oblivious to it.

As a result of our over polarized masculine, our men have succumb to their inner feminine and have gotten lost in her darkness. We must begin to harmonize the polarities within ourselves, realize when our partner has fallen off their orbit, and continue to remain centralized. For example for our men: if your wife has become over masculinized (didn’t know that was actually a word) only your true masculine is strong enough to pull her out of it. However, if you allow yourself to be pulled into the darkness of your inner feminine, the results of this power struggle will not result in a favorable outcome.

I will continue to delve into this issue. It’s certainly necessary for us to begin harmonizing the yin and yang energies so that we can experience more harmonious relationships. If anyone has anything to share on this subject I’d love to hear from you!


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