Don’t follow the Twin Flame hype.


This is going to be one of those posts.

It’s almost as if it’s the ‘norm’ for people to be with their twin flames these days…like it’s the new type of couple or something. If people were truly uniting with their twin flames as commonly as we see in metaphysical communities, then why is the state of humanity still in shambles? One underlying theme with twin flame 101 is that twin flames have a mission to fulfill, helping humanity. From the looks of it, things seem to be getting worse! C’mon folks, stop with the twin flame nonsense.

Don’t follow the hype!

From reading various websites and looking at countless videos the whole TF relationship seems to be the it thing to do with little to no mention of the sacrifice one must undergo. As with my post on ‘The New Age Agenda,’ there also seems to be a sort of pattern with the information on TF. I’ve come to realize that when the masses go in one direction, I need to go in the other.


The TF union is an initiation! What have you had to sacrifice in order to be with your TF? How did you die when you experienced your TF? For those who are with their mates know exactly what I’m talking about. What happened within your connection that seemed to threaten every facet of your existence? What did you have to detach from? Who or what threatened your union? Because of all the disinformation, people feel as though attracting a TF is easy. These connections are still extremely rare. If you knew what I’ve been through you may question wether or not you want to experience a TF quite yet.

Are you ready to die?

BEFORE I could even meet my TF I had to be initiated into the underworld. So for those who felt they just waltzed into their TF union, I seriously doubt you’re even with a TF. Most of my rants on the subject may seem like I’m always upset, this isn’t totally untrue but it’s more of a disappointment. During my experiences in the underworld it ripped through my consciousness making me question my own sanity. As I was finally able to connect with my TF, there were and continue to be forces that DO NOT want to see us together. My life was even threatened in such a way that doesn’t make sense to the most abstract mind! It made me sick to my stomach; however, it solidified the fact that this connection is far beyond physical. So when I see all this fluffy information on twin flames it pisses me off because my TF and I are at WAR! There are beings and people who have much to protect and the very existence of the twin flame union will bring their power structures crumbling down.

What most folks fail to realize is that the connection is not about a relationship and never will be. If that’s what you’re looking for your connection WILL FAIL. You are on a divine mission. Sure you can enjoy your honeymoon phase but there will come a time when you realize the extent of your mission.



3 thoughts on “Don’t follow the Twin Flame hype.

  1. youmealwaysonly says:

    I agree with this entire post. For the past three years, there have been some wonderful days… but moreso my days have been hellish and torturous, full of (for lack of a better phrase) spiritual growing pains. Just wanted to say, I understand where youre coming from.

    • moonlitcompass says:

      I’m so glad this post resonated with you! Ive been connected with my twin for about 2 years but our journey has been thrust into overdrive these past 3 months. I certainly believe we must go through initiations as we connect with our twins, you are experiencing yours and transforming as well. I wish you all the strength on your journey because i truly understand how hard it can be.

      Much love to you and your twin 🙂

  2. psychickimg says:

    Yes. I always tell people to be careful for what the ask for. This is not easy at all. I am connected in with a few other twins and I am very grateful for that. Without their energies combining with mine, I don’t know if I would have made it this far. Namaste

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