The New Age Agenda: A path to true healing or another form of escapism?

As many of you who have read my writings already are aware that I’m not a huge fan of the new age movement. Of course there was part of me that was thinking ‘oh you’re crazy, these spiritual movements are helping people.’ So for the skeptics out there, trust me I get it. There are probably going to be quite a few people who disagree with my post and that’s okay. My mission isn’t to convince anyone of anything, it’s simply to get you thinking from a different perspective.

Myself, as well as most others I know, came into the new age movement upon leaving the religious structures. Many folks are simply fed up with these pulpit pimps and are adopting more holistic lifestyles. Most people see this as a good thing, personally, I do too (to an extent). The spiritual ideals seemed to answer a lot of questions my religious upbringing did not. It seemed to fulfill my innate desire for some spiritual structure and for others it also offers a sense of salvation. However, after spending some time sitting back analyzing some things, it came across my mind that perhaps this whole new age thing is another means of control. Insert gasp here_____. For those who are aware of the way finances are distributed throughout the world, one would soon realize this skewed power distribution is of no accident. These individuals have retained power for centuries and it will continue to be that way as long as they control the masses. Upon the dawn of the new age, there was a serious influx of individuals adopting the new age lifestyle. It’s almost as if it has become the norm. Everything regarding your new age needs have become more easily accessible and more readily accepted. Problem solved right?

If enlightenment was as easy as meditating everyday and living a holistic lifestyle, then why is it that the status of humanity is still in crisis? For those like myself who believe there is an agenda to just about anything mainstream then do you honestly think the powers at be would make it that easy to escape the atrocities of this matrix? My answer is no. The new age movement is merely a smoke screen.

While there are great truths and jewels hidden away in the new age movement, there is also a great deal of disinformation. If something were to truly unite and liberate humanity as a people, would it really be mainstream? We live in a society that is built upon the masses being enslaved, promoting the liberation of said peoples would surely bring that power structure crumbling down. I would like to think that these new age spiritual movements have done much good, but it seems as though it has also lulled humanity into a trance state, making them completely oblivious to what’s really going on. Not only that but it has begun creating a more passive society i.e. the whole love and light idea, and those who think the law of attraction is just simply thinking something into existence. More like wishful thinking if you ask me, the universe responds to action. So now we have thousands of people who have adopted these enlightened philosophies and want to just ‘Om’ all day. By doing do does not change the status of humanity and I believe this is why ‘the powers at be’ feel perfectly fine with you embracing the new age fluffy stuff. You aren’t a threat. If something truly made a significant difference in society it would be illegal.

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