How to find your life purpose: tuning into the voice of GOD, healing from soul loss.

Why do we personify God reducing God to the mortality of man? Does the essence of the creator not exist within you? Why is it so hard to believe that the voice of the divine exists within you? So, its okay for someone else to talk to God but when I say God answers me I’m deemed crazy?

Oh how backwards our society is…

This isn’t a religious post, I don’t ascribe to any particular religion however I am open to all of them. I am religious yet I am not religious. Life is a paradox.

The essence of God or creator force exists within all living things. Say you created a child, wouldn’t you say that the essence of you is also part of that child? Why is it that when we say God exists within all things, its automatically categorized as some woo woo spiritualism? If that’s what you think then that’s cool but in essence you’re negating your own greatness. Who are you not to be the likeness of the creator? I don’t care if you’re an atheist, there has to be a zero time reference where life began. Who are you not to be that reference?

I say all this because this post is about tuning into the voice of God, which is actually the voice from within YOU. Although I said voice, it is not limited to verbal communication. More so, the divine speaks through you. The way in which the divine expresses itself through you is unique to you. What is your creative expression? The thing that puts your mind into a mild trance, sending your consciousness to that void, the place where there is ultimate peace. That is the vessel through which the divine flows through you, allow yourself to be transformed through it! FEEL it, LIVE it. Some of us don’t know what that creative outlet is. We have become so entrenched in the stresses of daily life that we have lost our life force. Where has your joy gone? In shamanism this can be equated to what is called ‘soul loss.’ It is the belief that the soul can become fragmented and we begin to lose pieces of it throughout our lives when we have various experiences. If you’re struggling to find that joy you once had then I will say that you certainly have lost part of your soul essence. It’s time to get it back.

Quiet yourself and your surroundings, go outside in nature if you can. Sit in a comfortable position, in a chair or on the floor and allow your mind to relax. If you have trouble emptying your mind of chatter, try a visualization or focus on your breathing. Myself personally, I like to count my breaths to focus. Example: Inhale for a count of three, hold for a count of three, and exhale for a count of three. (Breathing is key, many of us breathe incorrectly except for babies. They’re naturals. When you inhale expand the stomach, like your filling a balloon. On the exhale, push the air out. This is diaphragmatic breathing, many of us breath shallowly. Don’t be ashamed to push that belly out!)


Once you’ve gotten relaxed, try visualizing yourself in a calm space. A beach, a meadow, ( my personal preference is caverns), whatever you’re drawn to. Visualize yourself in front of a projector screen that is showing you all of your life experiences. Imagine that projector going back in time to where you had that joy, find those times where you laughed till it hurt. Embrace that joy once more, embody it. Know that this is still part of who you are. Whatever forms or visions you see is perfectly fine, that joy you found may be in the form of yourself as you were a child or it could be an object anything really. Bring the young you or object back to waking consciousness.

Now you must travel to the point in time where you lost that joy. Find where your joy began to wane. What happened during those years? Maybe it was a specific experience? Follow your consciousness there. Once you’ve found that pain, feel where it has manifested. Perhaps it has became a physical manifestation, back pain, or in women, the ovaries. Begin to transmute that pain into healing. YES you are a healer. With your intent, say a sacred prayer, requesting the highest form of healing be bestowed upon your entire being. Imagine yourself being showered with purifying water which is healing your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

Once you are finished allow yourself to gently come back to waking consciousness. Whatever emotions you feel let them flow. Express them. This is your pain surfacing. You may feel an urge to cry, shout, draw, sing etc. DO IT. This is your healing. That joy you brought back with you, honor it. Honor it by expressing it. This is your higher self, your purest form. Whenever you feel yourself begin to slip back into darkness, try the meditation exercise again. Take a healing bath when you do it. Always remember, divinity exists already within you, in searching for it you will only find yourself.

For those who are reading this, I would say my writing style is a bit erratic. This post was intended to be something entirely different. The words just came to me, I have no idea who they were for but hopefully it inspires someone. 


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