How to find your life purpose.

I am truly delighted to see so many individuals stepping out of societal norms and embracing their own path. Although I focus my blog on spiritual topics, please do not confine spirituality to a stereotype. In my humble opinion, spirituality is what resonates with your soul, it is whatever YOU make it. It doesn’t have to look like anything anyone else has done or is doing. Living in alignment with your spirit is what spirituality means to me. I see a lot of people getting their feet wet, trying to find their way but still seem to be struggling. Why are so many of us still lost? You’ve been doing your spiritual thing, living freely, possibly even meditating and eating healthier but you still don’t know what your purpose is. You have a deep longing and a sense that your purpose in life is to make a profound impact, your 9-5 simply isn’t fulfilling for you anymore. My dear kindred soul, I am happy to inform you that if you are feeling this longing then there IS something profound you are supposed to be doing. Your higher self knows exactly what it needs. Each of us intuitively know exactly what It is we are here to do. I would say there are two main reasons why people are having trouble finding their life purpose.

  • FEAR- For some of us we are afraid to trust this knowing, your higher self has already shown you what you need to be doing but you are afraid to take that first step. FAMILY- you may also be concerning yourself too much about what your family or others think about what you want to do. You’re afraid of what people may think of you. FINANCES- You’re afriad to step out and do the things you want to do because you don’t think you’re finically able to do so. You’re fearful of being broke.
  • BLOCKAGES- Fear of course is a blockage but sometimes we have subconscious wounds that prevent us from harnessing our manifesting ability. For example you may subconsciously feel that you are unworthy of living in harmony with your higher life purpose. We must heal our wounds before we can truly harness our highest potential. Interestingly, you may find that your wound may be your greatest learning and teaching tool. The very thing that has left you wounded may also be what you are here to help humanity heal from.

Take a second and ask yourself what you makes you extremely uncomfortable, what are some of the things you shy away from doing? Be brutally honest with yourself because, check this out…are you ready? Whatever makes you extremely uncomfortable is where your magic lies! Voila, it’s that simple. Do you cringe at public speaking? Perhaps you are an excellent writer but you don’t think anyone would read your work? I found out, the hard way I might add, that the things that make me cringe I’m actually pretty good at. For example, public speaking was always a struggle for me. Anytime I would have to speak in front of a group of people I could just feel my heart beating a mile a minute and sweat droplets beginning to form all over my body. It would literally feel like I was going to implode. My stomach, oh goodness, an absolute wreck! Thankfully I never threw up on anyone. Yikes! My college experience I became quite accustomed to doing presentations no less than 10 minutes long. My professors always commended me on my awesome presenting skills. They also went on to note that I should definitely consider pursuing a Ph.D. Having sat through someone defend their thesis for four hours, Im not quite sure if that’s something I aspire to do. Anyway, so you’ve made a note of the things that make you uncomfortable, okay now what?

Now for the real nitty gritty, the DIY part. Methods to HELP you find your higher life purpose:
(No one person nor modality can tell you specifically what your purpose is, only you can decide that ultimately. These modalities are simply to help you find the pieces to your puzzle.)

ASTROLOGY: astrology has been the number one tool I have used to finding out what my higher life purpose is. There are several modalities to aid you in your pursuits. Astrology will help you identify gifts as well as blockages. All you need is your birth info (time, date, location) which will help produce a precise natal chart. The natal chart is much like a soul blueprint. You can pay for an astrological reading OR decode it yourself. There are PLENTY of websites that generate free charts. Then you will have to do a little bit of studying astrology so that you can at least have a foundational understanding of what you’re looking at. Astrology is much more than your sun sign which most people live and die by. You are more than an aries, taurus, gemini etc. You are comprised of the ENTIRE zodiac as well as the planets.

  • DREAMS: Most folks devalue dreams and just push them aside. It is vital that you pay attention to your dreams, especially when you feel you are at a standstill in your life. When we are at our lowest is usually when we finally begin surrendering to spirit and spirit is then able to send us messages from the spirit realm (dreams).
  • PSYSHIC READINGS: There are some truly powerful psychics out there who can truly be of service to you on your journey.
  • SYNCHRONICITIES: We often receive messages from the divine during waking life; however, many of us simply just do not tune into it. Try getting into a relaxed state, clearing your mind in a light meditation and asking: “what is my life purpose.” Empty yourself of everything and remain open. Pay attention to every single detail or life after you’ve asked your question. Sight, smell, taste, sound, touch. What things out of the ordinary do you notice. Perhaps you noticed your name in an ad on the newspaper. Maybe right after you asked your question you saw a commercial for traveling abroad and that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. FOLLOW THE BREADCRUMBS!
  • AKASHIC RECORDS: This has been another wonderful tool in helping me understand what my purpose is. The akashic records are basically like an etheric library of all events past, present, and future. (Keep in mind that nothing is set in stone.) Any information relative to your experience can be obtained through these records. The records can be accessed through our dreams or we can solicit the services of someone who knows how to open the records for you. The only thing about the akashic records is asking the right questions. Have an idea about what you want to ask so that you can try to get as much information as possible. Some possible questions:
    What is my life purpose?
    What are the blockages preventing me from harnessing my life purpose?
    How can I go about healing from these blockages
    What steps do I need to take in order to harness my life purpose?

Wow, I didn’t expect to write this much and I didn’t go into as much detail as I would’ve like to. I will most likely write a part two to this, really going in detail about the methods outlined above. But for now I hope this helps someone out there.

With Love!


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