Dreams are our personal gateway to the divine

Going to sleep is like going on a journey. Many of us simply go to sleep with no specific destination in mind. When we do this we end up traveling to unknown realms, dreaming about things we have no idea as to what they even mean. It’s time to take your dreams off autopilot and set forth your intention on exactly what it is you want to dream about. Scientist tend to believe that dreaming is a random process. I believe dreaming is a random process simply because no one takes the time to ‘set up’ their dreams. If you hop in your car and just drive with no destination in mind you’re going to end up somewhere randomly, same with dreams.


Why is this so important?


Dreaming is much like meditation, they are just different in frequency. There are no limitations to the things you can do in the dream state as this realm is not bound by the limitations of our physical reality. Dreams allow you to find out important information, consult with departed, and even go about healing yourself. Once we become more mindful of the dreaming process and honoring our dreams, we can then use them to our benefit. We are moving into a paradigm of ‘knowing,’ individuals are going to really have to tune into their own GPS system to divine answers for themselves. Dreams are an easy way to do it. You don’t need to buy anything, you dream every single night for free!



One thought on “Dreams are our personal gateway to the divine

  1. John Jr says:

    Hello Moonlitcompass,

    Thank you for sharing this post about dreams. 🙂

    I think that more people should try to remember more of their dreams and record them and/or share them, and realize that there is often more to dreams than a lot of people realize; because most people I know do not even remember most of their dreams or care.

    I usually like to let myself dream randomly so that I can be surprised because it is interesting to me to see/hear/experience what my mind will dream up next but there has been a few times where I set the intention to lucid dream/et cetera, and it worked; and of course there are times where I realize that I am dreaming, and the dream goes lucid and I start trying to control the dream and do what I want. 😉

    -John Jr

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