The subconscious mind

What’s in that mysterious abyss housed in your mind? Have you any idea that there even exists such place? It’s not so much your fault, society just doesn’t place emphasis on the subconscious mind. Lest we not forget however,  this was purposely done. You may be wondering why. Well, much of our reality is created to engulf the subconscious for the preservation of this third dimensional matrix. The subconscious mind is easily programmable because many of us never use it. Just take a look at our everyday lives. Many of us have televisions which is no accident they call shows ‘programs,’ during the course of watching tv your brain is going to be slammed with all type of suggestible material. Society is essentially programming human beings into being robots. They tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to look, etc. They utilize colors, symbols, and numbers to say the least. The subconscious mind, from my research accounts for 90% of the brain according to most scientist. Personally I believe its more than that.


Aside from our everyday programmings on how to function as a society, the deeper implications of the functions of the subconscious mind are our blockages. These may be from this life or another. Have you ever had a phobia of something and never really knew where it came from? I can bet my last dollar that there is a blockage housed directly in your subconscious mind. I believe that many of our blockages in this life actually have roots in other lives. Our consciousness is not housed in the brain so our memories of experiences are not limited to this life.


All of us have access the subconscious mind at some point in our lives, of course we probably weren’t consciously aware of what was going on. Specifically our dreams allow us to tap into this creative abyss full of mystery. There are various levels of dreams and not everyone dreams the same way; however, the subconscious is nearly always activated during dreams. Many people believe that dreams are just dreams. Society says to follow our dreams but in the same breath says that dreams aren’t real. I just find that interesting. When you begin to study the nature of reality you will find that much of what we deem ‘real’ functions more like a dream than the dream state. We receive information via the senses then our brain goes into trying to decode what the messages mean. If the brain is disseminating the information, can we be sure that the brain expresses the totality of what it is perceiving?

What have you dreamed about lately? Let me hear from you!

(For info on dream work, dream readings, and oracle card readings feel free to contact.)

Much love, Cobra Lee


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