Some things have come to my attention as I’ve furthered my development on my spiritual journey. One thing that has truly struck me as odd is the manipulation of the divine feminine energy. Keep in mind I respect free will, you’re free to do whatever you want. Who am I to stop you? These are just my insights…

Women are naturally spiritual beings. Does that make us better than men? No, just different. Our wombs equip us with the ability to tap into the energetic grids which connect all life. You see, men create from the physical dimension whereas women create from the ethers. We are able to utilize energy and or manipulate it at will. Our connection to these various frequencies is heightened during moon cycles (new moon and full moon especially). Because of this connection, it is why women seem to just be totally disconnected to the physical realm during their menstrual cycle.

There are quite a few divine feminine movements, women all over the world are reclaiming their femininity. In fact, the new age and 2012 was about the divine feminine. However, it is not merely to bask in all the glory of womanhood, it is an ENERGY. Which doesn’t necessarily directly have to do with ‘women’ specifically. We are shifting into a more spiritually centered ‘knowing’ paradigm. I’m totally for women empowerment and reclaiming their Yoni power but many women are using their powers for manipulation purposes. The divine feminine would be nothing without the masculine. We must merge into oneness with both essences, not empower one and forgetting the other.

Our men, especially melanated men, are under attack. (All of which is karmic of course) They are suffering meanwhile we are screaming yoni power at the tops of our lungs. What’s the use if we aren’t unifying the energies? I had this convo briefly with someone and she said why should we go back to a system that hasn’t worked already? In human life cycles, when has the feminine ever been in oneness with the masculine? I recall never. If I am wrong please correct me.

Men, some of you are under attack. Women don’t have to use their vaginas to manipulate you, just keep that in mind. But while I’m on the subject of sex, please remember that your semen is life force. Need I say more? A lot of women have reclaimed their power, the goddess is also inclusive of the dark goddess energies. Which are that of destruction. You know, karma is a bitch. Don’t mess with Mother Nature. As you’ll soon note, anything associated with something catastrophic always has an underlying feminine essence. This is no accident.

Women FEEL, men TOUCH. Men are naturally the givers and we are the receivers. Men put out the energy, we receive it. As beacons of receptivity, us women can channel the energy to our liking and even tune it to our liking. Men don’t like to get in their feelings and explore the depths of their psyche, well most people in general don’t. This is where our deepest wounds are hidden. A lot of men operate from the lower mind, instinctual, sexual. While they are operating on autopilot in the lower, a woman can literally brainwash him without even trying.

If you think men rule the world then you haven’t done much observing.


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