The Shadow Self


“It’s not me, it’s you.”

As I’ve said in earlier blog posts, 2014 has been the year of facing the SELF. All things that have been ignored, repressed, and swept under the rug are being revealed. Why? Well, the Earth itself is cleansing. We must also cleanse and shed the things that are no longer of service to us. This baggage prevents us from raising our vibration and if you’re not in vibrational alignment with the cosmos, you will have some issues. That was lightly put. My writings will be inspired by my Jungian centered psychological philosophy coupled with astrology.

So what exactly is the “self,” I’m still in the process of coming up with a fundamental definition of what the self is. Personally I believe that the self is comprised of various levels. Each lifetime we experience is to enable us to master these various levels of the self in order to evolve to the final level of initiation which is the attainment of Universal Consciousness. Some may call it Christ Consciousness or Enlightenment. This is the totality of consciousness, the ALL. It is what connects all living things. The frequency of this consciousness is entirely too great for an “average” human body/psyche to handle, so we must proceed in various stages throughout our incarnations.

Due to the various experiences in our everyday functions, there was a need for the ego to develop a sense of adaptability for these various functions. Quite simply, the ego had to sort of hire a personal assistant to carry the role of this adaptability. Thus, birthed the persona. The persona was birthed during our early developmental years in order to adapt to the expectations of the individuals in our lives. As a result, we embraced the traits we deemed “desirable.“ The traits in which we felt were of the latter, then begin to form part of the shadow.

This (shadow) carries all the things we do not want to know about ourselves or do not like. The shadow is a complex in the personal unconscious with its roots in the collective unconscious and is the complex most easily accessible to the conscious mind. It often possesses qualities which are opposite from those in the persona, and therefore opposite from those of which we are conscious. Here is the Jungian idea of one aspect of the personality compensating for another: where there is light, there must also be shadow. If the compensatory relationship breaks down, it can result in a shallow personality with little depth and with excessive concern for what other people think about him or her. So while it can be troublesome, and may remain largely unconscious, the shadow is an important aspect of our psyche and part of what gives depth to our personalities. The fascination which the differing, contrasting, or opposing aspects of personality hold for us, is illustrated in such novels as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, or The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The way in which we most immediately experience the shadow is as we project it on to other people, so that we can be fairly sure that traits which we cannot stand in other people really belong to ourselves and that we are trying to disown them. While difficult and painful, it is important that we work at owning our shadow to bring it into relationship with our persona, and so provide some integration of these two complexes within our personality.

The ascendant sign of astrology can be viewed as our persona. It can be determined by obtaining a natal chart. A natal chart is basically a map of the cosmos as they were aligned when you were born. Astrologically we are much more that just our sun sign. There are various houses, planetary aspects, and placements to also factor in. All of which is outlined by your natal chart which is based on the time, date, and location you were born. These energies are in no way binding though, always remember that. The ascendant or rising sign is located on the first house cusp. It is the sign that was along the eastern horizon “rising” over the earth at the time of your birth.

In a sense the rising sign is like the first impression we give. Astrologers have noted that the rising sign is the “mask” we wear but that has a negative undertone, as if this is something purposely done. It is how the world perceives you. The sun (sign) is more closely related to you on a soul level. The essence of the rising sign tends to mostly surface when we are at work, around strangers, how we act in new situations etc. It’s said that the rising sign can also have an influence on our physical appearance, but that’s another story. These are our conscious tendencies which we project to the world.

The natal chart is composed of a wheel, each sign has a corresponding “opposite” sign. Thus, it’s shadow. The shadow is represented by the DEscendant sign, which is on the cusp of the 7th house. Thus, opposite the 1st house. I try to pay attention to what zodiac sign people are and I started noticing a trend with Cancer’s. When I say I cannot STAND Cancer men, OMG! It’s nothing personal, y’all just get on my nerves lol. Not to say that there’s something “wrong” with them per say. It’s just that everything about a Cancer man gets under my skin. Whelp, it turns out that my rising sign is Capricorn which is represented by 10th house so my descendant sign is Cancer. *rolls eyes*


The 10th house of astrology is the “career” house, and is also ruled by Saturn. So one could say that this house represents a certain level of seriousness. In the astrological community there is discord as to whether this house represents the mother or the father. Personally, I feel that this house represents the father because the masculine is looked at as the “bread winner” and the head of the household. Adversely, the 4th house (Cancer) which is opposite the 10th represents our childhood foundations. The 4th house is a cardinal water sign. So, Cancer’s explore the depths of the emotional spectrum. I tend to describe Cancer’s as “needy” and moody. That sounds harsh I know, I know. The 4th house has a motherly undertone so Cancer’s need nurturing and extra care.


These are obviously the things I don’t want to embrace about myself. Growing up, my parents weren’t very nurturing. My siblings moved out when I was really young so I didn’t have very many playmates. I dedicated my life to sports so I really didn’t have time to have fun. Sometimes it is hard for me to loosen up. I certainly don’t like to be viewed as needy or moody. Okay, that’s enough about that.

Anyway, as you can see, dealing with the shadow is not easy. You must delve deeply into the subconscious and bring things to the surface that you perhaps didn’t even know was placed there. Which was your doing of course. Because these are subconscious qualities, we tend to attract people who represent them. Each experience is for the evolution of who we are on a soul level. Not only is understanding the shadow important because it gives depth to our personality; but also because, the functions of the persona dictate our adaptability. Adaptability is absolutely imperative for success. Also, because the shadow is most often directly experienced through our projections via other people, if we continue rejecting this aspect we then fail to truly embrace that individual. We tend to think its them but its really our own projections. I know I’ve purposely avoided Cancer men but I’m merely running from my own reflection. *rolls eyes again*

Keep in mind (puns) that the shadow is not “bad” it just is. Your shadow may be someone else’s light…


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