You’re an old soul, so what?

So you think you’re an old soul just because you’ve passed a test on some website entitled “how to tell if you’re an old soul?” It amazes me how many people claim this marking without truly understanding its significance. Being an old soul means that you’ve had quite a few experiences here on this plane. With experience comes baggage and since we’re talking soul, this means karmic baggage. So of anyone else living on this planet; you my dear old soul, more than likely have the most karmic baggage. Now keep in mind that karma is not good nor bad, it just is. I see a lot of people in new age spiritual communities promoting the fact that they’re an old soul like it’s the “it” thing to do. Being an old soul doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. It doesn’t change anything, especially if you have no knowledge of who you are on a soul level. How are you going to claim the title of an old soul having not opened the gates to your souls essence? It’s like saying you’re a medical doctor yet completely unaware of your medical fellowship.

I don’t mean to come off harsh, this is just a very significant marking and folks aren’t properly honoring it. The old souls are the ones who are supposed to be ushering in the new wave of energy/consciousness entering the planet. The old ones are supposed to be teaching the younger souls who are having a hard time adjusting to the planetary shifts. How are you living out your souls existence as an old soul?

Now, I’m no expert on soulology but if you’re an old soul you have an ass-load of karma. Have you began sorting out this karma and these blockages? Old souls have to put in work in this incarnation, but more so from a spiritual perspective. You’ve earned your stripes when it comes to the mundane 9-5 work. Now its time to delve deep into the spiritual realm. Past life experiences are embedded deep within the psyche unless you came into this incarnation with a high level of awareness. So for those of us who don’t consciously remember our experiences or the karma stemming from them, then it is absolutely imperative that you adopt a spiritual practice.

Personally, I feel that the old souls tend to more so experience/choose phases of solitude. Sacred solitude is necessary to really dive deep and reconnect with spirit. So these individuals are typically your like your monks or live monk-ish lifestyles. Old souls are destined for spiritual mastery. In this life you have the opportunity to end a major karmic cycle and perhaps you may be able to choose whether or not you want to come back to the earth plane. You have spent many lifetimes working hard, this isn’t the lifetime for that type of work. Now is a time for inner reflection and sharing your spiritual insight with the world. You are the guides/masters/teachers, this is a time to truly embrace your infinite wisdom and project it to the world through your divine compassion.



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