Why is my twin soul relationship not working?

Last night I dreamt of some profound healing that was taking place between myself and my twin flame. We were making love (which we’ve never done physically) and as I was on top of him, his wand found an area within me that was painful. Instead of running from the pain I invited it. I made peace with this pain because I knew that this was simply stored up energy that needed healing. Emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma that had manifested in this dense mass of energy that resided within my womb. I allowed for his magical wand to penetrate this mass of energy and he filled this energy with light. He sent this powerful energy from deep within his body, and as it filled mine I began to shake. While I released this stored up pain I cried and cried. He just held me even closer. Twin flames can heal each other without necessarily being together physically.

When I woke up I felt the numbness in the same area he was healing in my dream. Dreams are more than just dreams, but you all know that by now right? My spiritual body was undergoing some profound healing last night. It seems as though my kundalini has also been activated. More than likely due to the breathing techniques I was doing last night before bed which resulted in a wave of energy traveling up my body. It started with a slight tingle at my feet then as it reached the bottom of my spine it was a warm/chill tingle. I know this probably makes no sense. But it felt like that feeling when a limb falls asleep and you try to move it and that tingling sensation that follows. THAT feeling. Oh goodness. I felt nauseous as it rose to my chest, it was overwhelming. I had to take a break. Since waking up i’ve had waves of nausea, hot flashes, and back spasms.

As I was reflecting on everything going on in my life I realized that it’s time for me to begin healing myself through the soul connections I share with my twin flame and others. I’m healed as I heal. I was postponing doing this because I felt I didn’t know how to do it. “How am I supposed to go about healing these people when they aren’t even around and furthermore I haven’t even met the other people involved.” Spirit said “the same way they called out to you is the same way you will heal them.” (via dreams) So I realized that if i’m able to hear their calls then i’m ready to go about healing them.

So why is your twin soul relationship not working?

Before twin souls are able to evolve into full twin flame essence, soul completion is necessary. I was told this by the ancestors and what I gathered from it is that in order for the twin flame relationship to flourish, both souls must do their own spiritual due diligence. First both souls must heal from energetic baggage. This baggage can be carried over from past lives or this can be accumulated in this life. Often we are subconsciously programmed during our upbringing from our parents. As a result, we project those same habits our parents had unto our mates without even realizing it. So when you get into a relationship of any sort, ask yourself “what baggage am I bringing to the table?” Now, my posts are never really based on research so this may resonate with some or it may seem totally foreign. This isn’t something widely accepted…Well it may or may not be i’m not sure. This is merely my truth.

Since connecting with my twin I’ve realized that we aren’t just going to link up and things just flow like a typical relationship. There are deep wounds shared between him, myself, and the other people in our soul group. The “honeymoon” phase lasted with him and I for a few days… if that. Then emotions began flying from God knows where. I kept thinking “where is this coming from, what the hell!?” Unbeknownst to me, most of this was karmic pain surfacing. All I knew to do was to stay present with him. In doing so I had to bear the brunt of his attacks as well as his withdrawals and continue to love him. It was so hurtful to know that I had this deep love for this man yet he did not trust me. Part of me felt something within him even wanted to hate me, but the core essence of who he is loves me. The paradoxes in a spiritual connection will drive you nuts! In one particular past life he and I were brothers and I betrayed him. Needless to say, he has a hard time letting himself trust me in this life. So, I know that I must go about healing. When we reconnect we both must be cleared of all our baggage so that things may flow.

The second step for soul completion is knowing what your higher life purpose is. We have several jobs and trades that cater to us for our finical needs on a mundane level but we also have a higher life purpose that involves a selfless devotion to healing others. If you’ve done research on twin flames at all i’m sure you’ve came across the notion that twin flames have a shared mission in life, and they do. However, you must first know who you are and a sense of your own identity. This is only found through walking your own path. The twin flame connection is beautiful and magical but your connection isn’t meant for selfish reasons. You are to share your love with the world so that this planet may know divine love.

The twin soul connection is not about a romantic relationship. It’s easy to get swept up into the relationship/romance aspect because that is our programming. This connection is about a love that’s bigger than the two of you. It is set to evolve you beyond your human experience. So there is no room for baggage. The baggage only repels the two of you. You need to be prepped and ready to be baked in the spiritual oven. The soul knows if there’s missing or excessive ingredients so you must keep going back to get the measurements just right.



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