How did i know that i met my twin soul?

Whelp, honestly i still question our connection due to the fact that every time we get close, he runs. But i will just share what my heart feels.

We live in a society that caters to the ego. Particularly when it comes to love. A man is “supposed” to whisk you off your feet with romance. This love is supposed to: look good, feel good, taste good, smell good, sound good…The twin soul is an ancient love that transcends the illusion of separateness which is the pure foundation of this matrix. So for those who are still attached to the denseness and lower vibration of this existence, they cannot even begin to scratch the surface of what this connection means. To even utter such notions of divinity threatens the egos entire existence, while the mind is also undergoing it’s own struggle. The logical mind tries to rationalize the entire experience while the abstract mind tries to intuit the process. Naturally we are torn between the duality that exists within our own mind. It is a love that doesn’t make sense and what we do not understand, we fear. We fear it because we are no longer in control. In order to properly process what was going on with me I had to submit. I threw out everything I already knew and simply allowed spirit to move through me…

How did I know I met my twin soul?

I loved him before I even knew him
I knew him before I met him
I felt him before I touched him
I heard him before he spoke
He tasted oh so good before I even laid my lips upon him…

The only love that comes close to comparing is that of a mothers love for her un-born child. To love a being you’ve never even met is beyond words. It is a love that has the language of soul. While my words suffice, it truly does no justice to this profound state of being. His heart called out to me the first time we spoke and I felt the pain that had created a wall over his heart chakra.Iit was my duty to heal him. He lashed out on me, accused me of things I couldn’t even fathom. I broke down to my knees crying and asking why. Spirit spoke through my heart chakra and said “reach into his heart and find yourself within it. He is you.” I’m refraining from speaking about the mystical things I experienced through him because quite frankly there is enough information about that on the web. We tend to gravitate toward the mystical experiences from ego. It feels good to think we’re different, or that we have some ability that others don’t. The twin soul union is set to evolve you beyond ego. It is a profound spiritual awakening that requires the utmost respect.

He awakened my spirit, he helped me to find out who I truly am. In order to find out who I was I had to strip myself of everything I previously thought I was. I had accumulated all these titles along my life journey and I felt these titles defined who I was. Everything is energy and the more titles I accumulated the more dense I became. As a result, the more attached to this mundane reality I became as well. I found myself literally peeling back layers and it was physically exhausting. It shifted me into a void, a void of purely being…stillness…consciousness. Once I was able to return to the core essence of my soul, I saw myself in many lifetimes. I remembered why I incarnated here again in this lifetime. He redefined my life purpose and I found myself…through him.

That is how I knew I met my twin soul.


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