Twin flame unions aren’t so black and white

As I was reflecting on the deep pain I feel having connected with my twin flame I came across this quote: “things aren’t always so black and white.” Oh that synchronicity again. The twin flame union is an ancient soul connection that has existed prior to you even incarnating in this lifetime. This divine love union transcends all laws of time and space. The first aspect of mastering this union is to realize that a twin flame is YOU. They are the other essence of the soul you share. There is no separation between the two. One must first master the illusion of separateness.

Obviously easier said than done right? There is no level of completeness greater than that of two twin souls coming together. So imagine the pain felt when this person is out of your life. For those who haven’t experienced the twin soul union it may seem like an infatuation. I can assure you it is not. It is a connection shared on a soul level and should not be taken lightly. This person is literally a mirror. Not only will they expose the glorious aspects of self but also the deep, dark, hidden aspects hiding quietly in the subconscious. Take a look at the pain your twin soul is causing you to feel and ask yourself where this pain is coming from. Perhaps this is what he/she is bringing out of you?

I had to sit down and process my own feelings yet again. Why am I feeling so much pain? Of course the twin flame union is difficult beyond measure but does it have to be? “Pain exists because resistance exists.” -The Power of Now (great book btw). My fear exists because it requires detaching from my position. I’ve used my position as the “chasing” soul as a crutch to say, “oh I feel like this because he is running.” If you aren’t uncomfortable then you aren’t evolving. I’m calling bs on myself because I have all these wonderful quotes yet I’m not living by them. *rolls eyes* I’m being real with myself and it hurts. Abandoning my position allows me to see the union from a wholistic perspective. I can observe both positions and the feelings associated without attaching to them. A lot of folks get into the spiritual modalities and act like they’re no longer human beings. I still experience everything everyone else experiences here, I’m no different. The key is no longer being a slave to emotions. You can CHOOSE what you are willing to accept. Are you going to be consciously aware of the emotions as they surface or continue being on emotional autopilot?

Things are NOT going to be black and white for you in a twin soul union. You must intuit the gray area, allowing yourself to embrace the unknown and be perfectly secure with allowing. This is the stage of surrender. Most of us fear losing control. We fear things not looking like what we are used to things looking and feeling like. Especially when it comes to love endeavors. Finding that surrender comes when you walk your own path. You must become secure in who you are and your place in your twins life. Our sense of security comes with finding our identity. This sense of who we are stems from our purpose in life. Although the overall mission is shared between twins, you must first find your own light so that they may also find theirs.

With much love,


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