The solo path

I believe that we all are meant to experience divine love at some point in our spiritual evolution but not all of us are meant to experience it through relating.

There are people who evolve you to the core essence of your soul, stripping away everything you think you know about yourself. The process is not just a spiritual one but a physical one as well. As this happens the separate self rejects all notions of merging in oneness with another being so as a result it feels like hell on earth. Once the two souls are able to finally merge as one and experience divine love, their vibration is felt and carried throughout the universe. This process isn’t about romance, its about the evolution of one soul housed in two bodies. Transcending the illusion of separateness. If you haven’t gathered by now I am speaking about twin flames. This concept is widely spoken amongst spiritual circles. I feel that twin souls come together in this existence to teach the world divine love through their union. This is like a spiritual contract they created with one another prior to incarnating on this earth in order to uplift humanity.

I know that my soul is pushing me to evolve to this divine place but I feel that the process is one I must take alone (physically). Of course I can choose to get married and have children however, the way I which I chose to incarnate on this planet was not set up that way…in the sense that I’m supposed to be romanced up the way that society says we should be. My evolutionary process is housed on higher spiritual dimensions. So as a result my mission is not centered around domestic pursuits. To the separate self (ego) my path may seem lonely, but to the higher self I am never alone because I am connected to everyone in the universe. A lot of folks fear being alone.

Society paints this picture of how relationships should look. That picture may or may not be how its supposed to look for you. This brings me to the aspect of can one ascend without their twin flame. I’ve heard lots of mixed answers regarding the topic but in my opinion I don’t feel that it’s necessary to have your twin flame present with you physically in order to ascend. It does accelerate the process but its certainly tough walking the path alone. As I stated earlier we seem to get so attached to the idea that our twin flames are people, they are not. So there is no separation between the two souls, I’m still grasping this concept personally. My separate is fighting it! Oh the life of the surrendered twin soul. Anyway, as a result I feel that it doesn’t matter if they’ve even chose to incarnate. You can still ascend. In my personal experience I see and feel myself reflected in the life of my twin soul so as I evolve he is too.


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